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The Federal Fitness Registry was a government agency that existed before the Great War dedicated to fostering proper fitness and health amongst the population of the United States of America. The real purpose of the FFR was to register persons into a national registry of New Plague infected and suspected communists.


The Federal Fitness Registry was officially tasked with a variety of tasks related to the health and fitness of the United States citizenry.

In Point Lookout, they were tasked with monitoring and attempting to control the rampant spreading of the New Plague among the American populace. The agency seemingly had another and unofficial task in this effort; to use the official task of combating the New Plague to also register suspected socialists and communists. To this end, they used non-profit organizations, like Collective Benvolance, to diagnose and register citizens, such as with Relief Units established a relief center. From there they were tasked with an outreach program to assist the local population and to distribute information pamphlets about the New Plague. The local population was initially recluse, which later turned into outright hostility when one unit member was assaulted in the swamps near the Ark & Dove cathedral. As a result, the Relief Unit leader decided to restrict unit activity in the area.[1]

In West Virginia, they teamed up with RobCo Industries to create the Sugar Management and Re-Education Terminal (SMART) program, intended to teach children how to better manage their diet and eat proper food. Terminals were set up to allow children to turn in their unhealthy treats, such as candy, in exchange for prizes from the staff.[2] The pilot of this program was launched one Halloween in several schools including Watoga High School, aimed at collecting data and refining the technology used.[3]


The Federal Fitness Agency is mentioned in Point Lookout and Fallout 76.


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