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The Federal Fitness Registry was a government agency mentioned in a terminal at the disaster relief outpost in Point Lookout.


The Federal Fitness Registry was a pre-War government agency. It was officially tasked with monitoring and attempting to control the rampant spreading of the New Plague among the American populace. According to the pamphlets found in the Disaster relief outpost terminal entries the agency seemingly had another and unofficial task; to use the official task of combating the New Plague to also register suspected Socialists and Communists.

Not much is known about the agency, other than one unit of the agency was deployed to Point Lookout where they established a relief center. From there they were tasked with an outreach program to assist the local population and to distribute information pamphlets about the New Plague. The local population was initially recluse, which later turned into outright hostility when one unit member was assaulted in the swamps near the Ark & Dove cathedral. As a result, the Relief Unit Leader decided to restrict unit activity in the area.


The Federal Fitness Agency is mentioned only in Point Lookout.

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