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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

{100}{}{You see a male tanker vagrant.}
{101}{}{You see a male punk.}
{102}{}{You see a fairly handsome, cynical man wearing tattered clothing.}
{103}{}{Nothing's on.}
{104}{}{I'm sick of fish.}
{105}{}{The sooner we move on, the better.}
{106}{}{The best thing about being a nomad is self-control.}
{107}{}{In fact, I'd rather die than give you control.}
{108}{}{No one runs my life! I'm the king of me!}
{109}{}{I'm my own boss.}
{110}{}{I'm unique! Just like everyone else!}
{111}{}{Sometimes world-weary cynicism bores me.}
{112}{}{Next time, I want to find a tribe of goths.}
{113}{}{I saw Selmy and Barro torn apart downstairs.}
{114}{}{I hear the Shi Emperor is inhumanly smart.}
{115}{}{These Shi sure look funny.}
{116}{}{I'm open-minded, huh?}
{117}{}{I'll share my girlfriend if you'll share yours.}
{118}{}{Look at all these new punks. Posers.}
{119}{}{AHS-9 cheated us and he'll cheat you too if you let him.}
{120}{}{Sheep. You're nothing but a killing sheep.}
{121}{}{Tell those bastard Hubologists we'll never come over.}
{122}{}{Ain't never going over to the Hub.}
{123}{}{Hope you're proud of yourself.}
{124}{}{Won't they ever realize killing our "leader" won't make us follow theirs?}
{125}{}{You're an asshole.}
{126}{}{Baah! Baah!}
{127}{}{So how was it, taking it from a mutant?}
{128}{}{Did that big strong mutie Francis hurt you?}
{129}{}{Francis play with you?}
{130}{}{Francis is a pretty big guy.}
{131}{}{Big ol' Francis, huh?}
{133}{}{Hey! It's the gimp!}
{134}{}{Hey, if you need any help from us, don't bother asking.}
{135}{}{Wow! A talking asshole!}
{136}{}{You pull anything being such a jerk?}
{137}{}{Sacrifice our li'l Chippie, will you?}
{138}{}{Poor Chip.}
{139}{}{Oh, look, it's the "hero".}
{140}{}{Hey, everyone! It's the selfish asshole!}
{141}{}{Like anyone wants to talk to you now.}
{143}{}{Can I do anything for you? Too bad!}
{144}{}{Don't talk to me.}
{145}{}{Nice of you to try for Chip's spleen.}
{146}{}{At least you tried.}
{147}{}{Poor Chip.}
{148}{}{Tough break for ol' Chippie.}
{149}{}{Chip's getting weaker. Too bad.}
{150}{}{Good going with the spleen!}
{151}{}{Wow... a hero AND a spleen-finder.}
{152}{}{Didn't know they made spleens.}
{153}{}{Thanks for saving Chip.}
{154}{}{Hey there, Chip lover!}
{155}{}{We're all happy for Chip.}
{156}{}{Thanks for saving Chip.}
{157}{}{Now Badger will be easier to live with.}
{158}{}{I always did like Suze. Glad she's not dead.}
{159}{}{I wonder if Suze will nanny for my kids?}
{160}{}{Kill the monsters, save the girlfriend... Is there any hero shit you don't do?}
{161}{}{Can you save my girlfriend too? Ha ha!}
{162}{}{Maybe Badger will sleep with you for saving his girlfriend.}
{163}{}{I'll bet Badger's really happy now.}
{164}{}{Maybe you ought to ask Badger for some favors.}
{165}{}{Poor Badger. Poor Suze.}
{166}{}{I warned her not to go down there...}
{167}{}{... damn hold-monsters...}
{168}{}{I feel really sorry for Badger now.}
{169}{}{Death on the ship. Poor Suze.}
{170}{}{Man... is life going to get any better?}
{171}{}{It's dangerous down there!}
{172}{}{Geez... why'd she go down there?}
{173}{}{We ought to seal off the hold.}
{174}{}{Let's get off the ship.}
{175}{}{You gonna take the tanker out west?}
{176}{}{Guess it's about to time to abandon ship.}
{177}{}{I'm about ready to move out of here.}
{178}{}{I got my shit all packed up.}
{179}{}{Don't think I want to be heading west.}
{183}{}{Know any good places to settle down?}
{184}{}{I'll make sure the place is clean before I go.}
{185}{}{Let's get the show on the road!}
{186}{}{Geez... no more Badger.}
{187}{}{Who would've killed him?}
{188}{}{I don't know shit about computers. Do you?}
{189}{}{Man... Badger knew all the cool places to go.}
{190}{}{Now I'll never hear his band play!}
{191}{}{Stupid killers... getting rid of Badger... stupid.}
{192}{}{I am so full of hate right now.}
{193}{}{I want revenge for Badger!}
{194}{}{Life seems so pointless without Badger.}

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