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For Fatigue in the Fallout series, see Fatigue.

Fatigue is a derived statistic in Fallout: New Vegas.


Fatigue is a measurement of how much fatigue damage a character can take before being knocked down into a state of unconsciousness.

If a creature or NPC suffers enough Fatigue damage to reduce their Fatigue level to 0 or below, the value is immediately set to -30 and the NPC will enter a state similar to unconsciousness. While in this state the NPC cannot move or react, but is still considered alive and can suffer normal damage, up to death. Unlike unconsciousness in Fallout 3, "fatigued" or "knocked out" NPCs cannot be looted; any attempts to interact with them will fail with the message "<NAME> is Unconscious".

Fatigue is a "self-restoring" value, in the sense that it restores back to its maximum value over time. If an NPC suffers Fatigue damage, their Fatigue value will slowly raise at a rate of one point per second until it is back at its maximum. Fatigue maximums range from 50 (low-level creatures such as mole rats) to 910 (Legate Lanius). Though fatigue values are modified by the NPC's Endurance and Level, the value is derived from a "base" Fatigue value, set individually for each NPC or creature. The approximate average Fatigue rating for humanoid NPCs is 250.

Once the Fatigue value of an NPC dips below 0 it is immediately set to -30. From this point it will increase at a rate of one point per second. Additional Fatigue damage can be applied to a "Fatigued out" NPC, but it cannot lower the value below -30. Once the NPC's Fatigue level climbs back to 0, they will become responsive again, and the NPC's Fatigue level will be restored to its maximum value.

$ \text{Fatigue}=\text{Base Fatigue}+(\text{Endurance}\times20)+(\text{Level}\times10) $

In plain terms, this means that for every level, the NPC's Fatigue rating is increased by 10 and for every point of Endurance, the rating is increased by 20.

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