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FO76 Quest Old Man Winter.pngThe following is based on Fallout 76 seasonal content.
Don't fly away just yet! Fasnacht is coming!Master of Ceremonies

The Fasnacht owl mask and Fasnacht blue owl mask are pieces of headwear in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


A papier-mâché mask in the shape of an owl's head. It is predominantly gray and has bright red eyes with white circles surrounding them.


Avail Image Name Editor ID
Form ID
Seasonal content FO76 Fasnacht Owl mask.png Fasnacht owl mask Headwear_Fasnacht_Mask_09_Owl
10 Cap (Fallout 76)
Unused FO76 fasnacht owl 2.png Fasnacht blue owl mask ATX_Headwear_Fasnacht_Mask_09_Owl_v2


It may be received as a reward for completing Fasnacht Day.


  • The "blue" variant may be worn by the Protectron marchers during the Fasnacht Day parade.
  • The Master of Ceremonies may remark "Don't fly away just yet! Fasnacht is coming!" if interacted with while wearing the mask.

Behind the scenes

Fastnacht is an annual carnival celebrated by Swiss and German people while traditionally wearing masks that represent demons, jesters, witches and animals. In Helvetia, West Virginia it is normally celebrated once per year on the first weekend after Fat Tuesday,[1] and concludes with the burning of an effigy in a bonfire, without any robots or megasloths.[2]


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