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The Fasnacht buffoon mask and Fasnacht blissful buffoon mask are pieces of headwear in the Fallout 76 update Steel Dawn.


A large papier-mâché mask that resembles a caricature of a grinning jester with rosy cheeks and a fool's cap. The "blissful" mask variant wears yellow and orange-striped clothing.


  • The standard mask has a 0.625% chance to be received for completing the seasonal Fasnacht Day event with the best performance (all bots kept alive).
  • The "blissful" Atomic Shop variant can be bought for 1 - 300300 Atomic Shop and crafted at an armor workbench.


  • This mask was introduced in the 2021 return of Fasnacht Day.
  • The Fasnacht buffoon mask and Blissful buffoon mask are classified as a mask for all SCORE and Fallout 76 challenges.

Behind the scenes

Fastnacht is an annual carnival celebrated by Swiss and German people while traditionally wearing masks that represent demons, jesters, witches and animals. In Helvetia, West Virginia it is normally celebrated once per year on the first weekend after Fat Tuesday,[1] and concludes with the burning of an effigy in a bonfire, without any robots or megasloths.[2]