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Celebrate Fasnacht with this Old Man Summer Mask. Maybe you will see Old Man Winter during the parade in Helvetia!Atomic Shop description

The Fasnacht Winter Man mask and Fasnacht Old Man Summer mask are pieces of headwear in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


A papier-mâché mask depicting the blue-faced personification of winter or the red-faced personification of summer.


Avail Image Name Editor ID
Form ID
Seasonal content FO76 Fasnacht Winter Man mask.png Fasnacht Winter Man mask Headwear_Fasnacht_Mask_12_OldManWinter
10 Bottle cap
1 - 500500 Atom Faschnacht old man summer mask.png Fasnacht Old Man Summer mask ATX_Headwear_Fasnacht_OldManSummer


  • The mask has a 0.625% chance to be received for completing the seasonal Fasnacht Day event with the best performance (all bots kept alive).
  • The Old Man Summer variant is available for 1 - 500500 Atom in the Atomic Shop.


  • The Winter Man mask is displayed on the effigy burned at the end of the Fasnacht Day parade, symbolically ending the winter season.
  • The Fasnacht Winter Man mask and Fasnacht Old Man Summer mask are classified as a mask for all mask based SCORE and Fallout 76 challenges.

Behind the scenes

Fastnacht is an annual carnival celebrated by Swiss and German people while traditionally wearing masks that represent demons, jesters, witches and animals. In Helvetia, West Virginia it is normally celebrated once per year on the first weekend after Fat Tuesday,[1] and concludes with the burning of an effigy in a bonfire, without any robots or megasloths.[2]


PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 While wearing the Old Man Summer mask, the Master of Ceremonies will only say "Wilkomme, friend." The rest of his dialog lines will not play.[verification overdue]