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Chase away Old Man Winter and quicken the coming of spring with the ancient festival of Fasnacht! Join the celebration and complete this new limited-time event to earn unique rewards in the form of festive Fasnacht Masks.fallout.bethesda.net

Fasnacht Parade is an event quest in the Fallout 76 add-on Wild Appalachia.

The quest is available from March 19, 2019 to March 26, 2019.

Quick walkthrough

This event occurs in Helvetia and involves Fasnacht robots. The note Happy Fasnacht! briefly describes some of the history of this traditional festival.

  • You and your compatriots will be asked to assist with a variety of party prep duties:
    • stepping on stage to play a cheery tune
    • choosing the perfect decorations
    • exterminating some buzzing pests
  • Defend the Protectron marchers as they traipse around town in a parade
  • Set the Old Man Winter effigy ablaze to banish the biting cold
  • The more marchers who survive the parade, the higher the chance you’ll earn a Fasnacht mask.

Ten different masks that can be acquired in-game may also be involved in this event, including a Faschnacht Man mask, an owl mask, jester masks, and skull masks.

Detailed walkthrough

For more information, see here.

  • Please commence enjoying Fashnacht.
  • This is an official Faschnacht fun zone.
  • Combat Override Ignored. Faschnacht Mode has higher priority.
  • Do not interfere with Faschnacht. The party must go on.
  • Zis is my favorite celebration!
  • Confetti is just so much fun, no?
  • Faschnacht mask within parameters. Continue to Party.
  • Party mode engaged, maximum fun levels achieved.
  • Please resume enjoying the celebration.

These are the available Faschnacht masks:

  • Faschnacht Death Skull mask
  • Faschnacht Devil mask
  • Faschnacht Harlequin mask
  • Faschnacht Man mask
  • Faschnacht Merman mask
  • Faschnacht Napoleon mask
  • Faschnacht Owl mask
  • Faschnacht Second Man mask
  • Faschnacht Witch mask

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Quest stages

Quest stages
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Behind the scenes

Fastnacht is an actual annual carnival celebrated by German and Swiss people while traditionally wearing masks that represent daemons, jesters, witches, and animals.

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