Scribe Faris is a deceased member of the Brotherhood of Steel found at the Revere satellite array in 2287.


Faris was a member of Recon Squad Artemis, which was sent to the Commonwealth years prior to the start of the game, the second of three squads deployed to search for new technology.[1] After arriving in the region, the squad was attacked and a majority of its members killed, including Knight Varham.[2] The three survivors, Faris, Knight Astlin, and Paladin Brandis, retreated to the nearby National Guard training yard. At some point, Brandis and Faris left to go to the Revere satellite array, leaving Astlin to defend the training yard alone.[3] At the satellite array, the two likely tried to make contact with the Prydwen, but were ambushed and Faris was shot in the leg, leaving him unable to walk. They then got a distress signal, and Brandis decided to leave Faris behind.[4] However, the bullet had hit an artery, causing Faris to bleed out around two hours after Brandis left.[5]

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Although the cause of death was blood loss, there is no blood on the body or the surrounding area.


Faris appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Paladin Danse: "It might surprise you to learn that my recon team isn't the first to visit the Commonwealth. Over the last seven years, two other teams were sent here by the Brotherhood to gather technology. The first team's mission was a huge success. They came back with crates full of pre-war artifacts and historical documents. The second wasn't so fortunate. Shortly after they arrived, we lost contact with them and they haven't been heard from since. As far as my team goes, we've lost four good men to this godforsaken wasteland. We've been a target from the moment we arrived. But despite our setbacks, I don't intend to give up and head home... or end up missing."
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