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Please, hear me out! We are scientists. Our work is all we have to give to this broken world. We had truly hoped to give humanity a better way to fight back. Against the radiation, the mutants... the decay of civilization. We failed. But this doesn't have to be the end. There is so much that we can still do. Please, spare us your wrath.

Doctor Farha is a research colleague of Doctor Edgar Blackburn and Jain in Appalachia.


When she was in university with Blackburn, she clashed with Blackburn on the ethical boundaries of research. She was reluctant when Blackburn first described his aims, such as the testing that would be required. Despite this, she was convinced to aid Blackburn in his research efforts on the Forced Evolutionary Virus, convinced of the need to adapt the human race for the hostile conditions of the wasteland.

She met Nellie Wright, a prodigy of sorts, when she broke through Farha's window while searching for scraps, as a wastelander trying to survive. Nellie was intersted in Farha's research so Farha took her in and taught her.

Farha established a laboratory suitable for mass-production, bringing Nellie and Jain, whom Blackburn already knew, onto the project. Farha truly wanted her research to give humanity a better chance of fighting against the radiation and super mutants. However she would come to regret bringing Jain and Nellie onto the project, feeling as though she could not deter the their enthusiasm. Due to the peer pressure, Farha became complicit with the killing of human test subjects. Not wanting the lives of the deceased to be for nothing, while realizing the project needed more human test subjects for their work to come to fruition, she found herself in a vicious and violent cycle.

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The Catalyst

The Catalyst: Farha and her team may be spared or killed depending on the Vault Dweller's influence. She tries to convince Daniel Shin to let her live, mentioning that universities no longer exist and the amount of people with formal educations are dwindling. She says she mentions her work on FEV went too far and regrets bringing Nellie and Jain onto the project, and was unable to convince them to pull back.

If her life was spared in the Catalyst, she can be found in Fort Atlas, sometimes smoking. She comments Odessa Valdez is an excellent supervisor. She says the Vault Dweller made the right choice in sparing her life, saying indifference is easy and compassion much more difficult, and that her goals are aligned with the Brotherhood because they wish to help humanity.


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Doctor Farha appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Reign update.