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Far Harbor is the main town on the Island in 2287. It was once known as Bar Harbor before the Great War.


A small settlement on the northeastern tip of the island, Far Harbor is the last bastion of humanity on the Island. Once, the entire island was colonized by humans, but following the return and radical expansion of the radioactive fog that blankets the island, wildlife and radioactive hazards pushed the humans back to the dock. Once the sole property of the Mariner,[1] it was turned into a fortified location surrounded by a massive defensive wall called the Hull and remains the only landing point available to mainlanders wishing to brave the dangers of the region.[2] Furthermore, a network of fog condensers provided by Acadia surrounds the settlement and ensures that the fog does not take it over.[3]

The majority of the town's residents are exceptionally traditional, valuing their longstanding tradition of living off the land and the sea. Since time immemorial, the leader of the town has donned the mantle of "captain" to remember their roots as sailors and fishermen.[4] However, the town's current captain, Avery, is slightly more open than the other residents, only wanting peace for her people.[5]

But the people of Far Harbor are suspicious of and quick to distrust outsiders.[6] The town remains hostile to the Children of Atom ever since Allen Lee murdered their last missionary, who came to the town preaching the fog's divine nature and stating, flatly, that the town's destiny is to be wiped out.[7] This proved to be the final straw to the people of Far Harbor, as years later the Children of Atom were banished from the town for their poisonous beliefs, growing increasingly militant.[8]


Far Harbor is small and compact, built on a dock jutting out into the Narrows. At its terminus lies The Last Plank, the finest (and only) tavern on the island, with the docks to the south. In the center lie Allen Lee's and Brooks' shops, offering goods to survivalists, as well as a giant crab boiler. Allen's shop also holds weapons and armor workbenches, as well as a power armor station beside it, and Brooks' shop also holds Teddy Wright's clinic in the back, with a chemistry station.

The outer sections of Far Harbor, beyond the condenser line, are abandoned, with trappers and other wildlife typically occupying the areas beyond.



Notable loot[]

Related quests[]

  • Blood Tide - The Sole Survivor can exact vengeance for Cassie Dalton.
  • Far From Home - This main quest will be marked as completed once the Sole Survivor arrives at Far Harbor.
  • Hull Breach - The Sole Survivor can help the Mariner upgrade the wall protecting Far Harbor from land attacks through this series of three quests.
  • Living on the Edge - The first of two overarching Far Harbor/Harbormen faction quests.
  • Rite of Passage - After completing Living on the Edge by helping a couple of citizens, the Sole Survivor can undergo an ancient ritual to earn the respect of the harbormen, as suggested by Teddy Wright.
  • Safe Passage - The Sole Survivor can repair fog condensers for Captain Avery.
  • The Changing Tide - The second of two overarching Far Harbor/Harbormen faction quests.
  • The Great Hunt - After completing the Hull Breach quest series, the Sole Survivor can help the Mariner hunt a mythical beast.
  • Turn Back the Fog - After completing Rite of Passage, the Sole Survivor can clear Echo Lake Lumber for Small Bertha.
  • Walk in the Park - This main quest sees the Sole Survivor defend Far Harbor from an attack by hostile creatures and travel to Acadia with Old Longfellow as guide.


  • If the Sole Survivor wishes, they can destroy Far Harbor by shutting down the wind turbine at wind farm maintenance in the quest Cleansing the Land. They will then be able to watch the destruction of Far Harbor, as it is attacked by anglers, fog crawlers, and gulpers. Some harbormen and women will still be alive, but will be hostile.
  • Despite most NPCs talking about the Island being far away, fast-traveling between Far Harbor and the Commonwealth actually takes less time than is necessary to traverse the Commonwealth itself. The exact amount seems to vary from a mere 1.5 to 12 hours of in-game time.
  • The travel time between the Island and the Commonwealth is fast compared to Fallout: New Vegas and its add-ons' fast-traveling, which takes three days (two weeks to travel to Zion in Honest Hearts). Additionally, in Fallout 3, it takes one in-game month to travel from the Capital Wasteland to Point Lookout, which should be analogously closer to Washington, D.C. than Far Harbor would be to the greater Boston area.
  • Upon completion of the Hull Breach quest for the Mariner, the name MS Azalea can be seen on the metal parts of the wall.
  • A graveyard can be found underwater just a little bit northwest of the town.


Far Harbor appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. It is mentioned in the Creation Club content "Anti-Materiel Rifle."[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Far Harbor is based on the town of Bar Harbor, Maine on Mount Desert Island, the largest island off the coast of Maine. This can also be seen by examining the billboard reading "Welcome to Far Harbor," which should read "Welcome to Bar Harbor," but part of the billboard is worn away, making the "B" appear as an "F" instead, as well as in terminals found at various points of the Island such as Beaver Creek Lanes where the town's real name is displayed. This is similar to Novac (no vacancies) in Fallout: New Vegas and Arefu (careful) in Fallout 3. Additionally, pre-War signs around the town also refer to the location as "Bar Harbor."



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