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A new case from Valentine's Detective Agency leads you on a search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths. Travel off the coast of Maine to the mysterious island of Far Harbor, where higher levels of radiation have created a more feral world. Navigate through the growing conflict between the synths, the Children of Atom, and the local townspeople. Will you work towards bringing peace to Far Harbor, and at what cost? Far Harbor features the largest landmass for an add-on that we've ever created, filled with new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons. Become more powerful with new, higher-level armor and weapons. The choices are all yours.— Official description

Far Harbor is the third add-on for Fallout 4, the second add-on that includes quests and a main story. It was released on May 19, 2016.


The add-on is set on Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine. There, the Sole Survivor must search for a young woman, Kasumi Nakano, and a colony of synths. This leads to the fighting between the Far Harbor citizens and the Children of Atom, but a greater plot involves a synth, DiMA, who has ties with Nick Valentine.

The add-on starts off with the quest Far From Home when the player character listens to a radio message from the Valentine Detective Agency after completing the quest Getting a Clue, or when the player goes to the Nakano residence (possibly even before meeting Nick Valentine). Arriving at the office, Ellie Perkins will tell Nick and the Sole Survivor to investigate the case of Kasumi Nakano - the missing daughter of a fisherman living beyond the northeast boundaries of the Commonwealth. A brief investigation at the Nakano residence will tell the player that Kasumi believes herself to be a synth replacement, and that she's decided to leave her parents and travel to a place far north called Far Harbor to be with people like her.

Traveling to Far Harbor, the Sole Survivor learns that on the island, there are three factions that have been locked in dispute with each other; Far Harbor's citizens, the Church of the Children of Atom, and Acadia, a place specially set up as a synth refuge. The reason for the tension is the radiated fog that has been slowly overcoming the island; the people of Far Harbor cannot live with the fog and they use machines called fog condensers to create fresh air, an act viewed as sacrilege by the Children of Atom who worship radiation and consider the fog the will of Atom to make the whole island a holy place. Stuck between the two sides is Acadia, which only wants peace and harmony. The leader of Acadia, a synth named DiMA, provides the townspeople with the fog condensers while giving the Children of Atom their own base, a former submarine named The Nucleus for them to live in. But as tensions rise, Acadia is under pressure from both factions to take a side and help eradicate the other.

Upon reaching Acadia, it is revealed that DiMA is a unique model synth like Nick, and calls him a "brother". DiMA explains that he couldn't bear seeing Nick going through all the cruel experiments in the lab and so, about a century earlier, DiMA made an escape with Nick from the Institute. However once outside, Nick started to panic and attacked DiMA as he was still under the effects of the experiments, forcing DiMA to "knock the daylights" out of Nick and then leave him to his fate. When the two meet again, DiMA is very pleased to be reunited with his brother, though the case does not appear to be so with Nick who is not too pleased with the situation, hotly asking the Sole Survivor to talk later.

Back to the present, DiMA shows no hostility towards the Sole Survivor, expressing that everyone is welcome at Acadia and that he hopes to find a solution to the dispute without any bloodshed. To do that, he needs to retrieve his early memories of the island that have been locked away at the Children of Atom base. The raw capacity of his model does not allow him to store a large number of memories. Since the Sole Survivor is unknown on the island, DiMA entrusts the task to the player character.

Successfully taking back the memories, the Sole Survivor learns that DiMA himself, though he initially appears friendly and keeps the people's interest at best, has some deep-buried secrets related to the conflict on the island. Before he set up Acadia, tensions between Far Harbor and synths were high. DiMA, desperate to find a way for his people, decided to kill Captain Avery and replace her with a synth - something he shows great remorse and guilt about - so he can have a "moderate voice" able to calm the residents of Far Harbor. Second, he devised a contingency plan to shut down the power source of Far Harbor which would effectively kill all of its residents. Lastly, he possesses the detonation key of the submarine's nuclear missile that, if activated, will destroy the Children of Atom base. All three of the pieces of memory are locked away from DiMA himself, as he can bear neither the thought of mass killing nor the guilt over the murder he committed.

From here the player character will get the option to decide the fate of Acadia and subsequently the fate of the island as well. The player can destroy either the Far Harbor town, destroy the Children of Atom, or if they have sided with either of the three main-game factions, have the Institute reclaim all the synths or have the Brotherhood annihilate Acadia. The player can also forge peace between all three factions by forgiving DiMA and supplanting High Confessor Tektus with a synth replacement, effectively pacifying the Children of Atom.


Quest designer Will Shen served as the lead designer on Far Harbor,[1] while fellow quest designer Ferret Baudoin was also a senior designer on the add-on.[2] According to Todd Howard, the development team considered player feedback on the base game's dialogue system. This included giving players more choices in conflict resolution.[3] The development team also saw that many players were interested in visiting new locations, inspiring the direction of Far Harbor.[4]

In the weeks prior to Far Harbor's release, Bethesda conducted an invite-only beta test of the add-on. Participants were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to testing. The add-on was released for all players on May 19, 2016.[5]



Robots and computers[]



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Far Harbor locations
The Island map

Unmarked locations are in italic type.


All settlements require completion of one or more quests before they are available to use. Until a settlement is acquired it can be challenging and/or expensive to maintain oneself long term on the Island.

Supply lines can be established and settlers moved between owned settlements in the two regions - the Island and the mainland Commonwealth.

Similarly, Trade caravan posts can be set up at owned Island settlements to attract traveling merchants from the mainland.


Armor and clothing[]






All holotapes that appear in Far Harbor.

Name Weight Value Related quest Creation Kit ID Form ID
Sound An execution 0 1 DLC03MQ06a_MartinsTape02 xx03748B
Sound Chores list ADV016_Holotape02 xx0316E0
Sound DiMA's memory 0 0 DLC03MQ04Memory#Holotape xx01E3FB
Sound Ezra's holotape 0 0 DLC03_v118_EzraHolotape xx04B1B7
Sound Family announcement ADV016_Holotape03 xx0316E1
Sound Holotape ADV016_Holotape04 xx0316E2
Sound Gwyneth's journal 0 1 The Heretic DLC03AtomM02_GwynethHolotape xx01C70B
Sound Husky family holotape ADV016_Holotape01 xx0316C0
Sound Kasumi's projects
Kasumi's projects: holotapes
Kasumi's projects: television
Kasumi's projects: lamp
Kasumi's projects: kitchen
Kasumi's projects: radio
Kasumi's final holotape
Kasumi's holotape to grandad
Kasumi's projects: swings
Kasumi's projects: dreams
0 1 DLC03KasumiHolotape01
Sound Levi's holotape 0 0 DLC03_ADV014_EchoLakeLumberHolotape xx02C34C
Sound Mark Wilson's holotape 0 0 DLC03_ADV019_BeaverCreekLanesHolotapeOffice xx02C34B
Sound Martin's New Age 0 0 Reformation DLC03MQ06a_DiMAsTape xx03748C
Sound Mysterious holotape 0 1 Blood Tide DLC03FarHarborFF01_Holotape xx02F1C9
Sound Safe room security tape 0 1 Cleansing the Land DLC03MQ06_SafeRoomSecurityTape xx032C52
Sound To Franny 0 1 Cleansing the Land DLC03MQ06_WabashTape xx040A4A
Sound Vault 118 overseer's log 0 0 DLC03_v118_OverseersHolotape xx04E715
Sound What Atom Requires 0 1 DLC03MQ06a_MartinsTape01 xx03748A
Sound What's Done is Done 0 1 DLC03MQ05AveryReplacedHolotape xx038D92


All notes that appear in Far Harbor.

Name Weight Value Related quest Editor ID Form ID
Text A New Path 0 0 DLC03CoA_MartinNote_ANewLife xx04FD1C
Text A Stranger Arrives 0 0 DLC03POI10_MotherNote01 xx029418
Text A Vengeful Creature 0 0 DLC03POI10_MotherNote02 xx029419
Text A Safer Way 0 0 DLC03POI10_MotherNote04 xx02941B
Text Aubert's note 0 0 DLC03CoA_FFNucleus02_AubertsNote xx02C900
Text Blank note 0 0 DLC03POI04_DummyNote xx0500A9
Text Brother Alders 0 0 DLC03CoA_HCNote_ToRichter xx04DFCB
Text Brother Devin's diary 0 0 DLC03CoA_Devin_Diary xx04DFE5
Text Carlo's note 0 0 DLC03_POIVimDriverNote01 xx054226
Text Cog's journal 0 0 DLC03MQ03CogsNote xx038ED5
Text Consultation note 0 0 DLC03FarHarborTeddyNote xx04FB97
Text Craneberry Island supplies note 0 0 DLC03POI04_KeyNote xx04D21E
Text Douglas's note 0 0 DLC03_ADV004Note xx04FD11
Text Drain corpse note 0 0 ADV012SkeletonsNote xx01B79D
Text Dylan's note 0 0 DLC03_POIBuriedStashNote01 xx054200
Text Edgar's note 0 0 DLC03CoA_FFNucleus02_EdgarsNote xx02C8FF
Text Eliza family drawing 0 0 DLC03POI04_ElizaFamilyNote xx04FAEA
Text Eliza journals 0 0 DLC03POI04_ElizaJournal# xx04E97E
Text Eliza map of home 0 0 DLC03POI04_ElizaMapNote xx04DBC0
Text Fanatical writings Cut content 0 0 DLC03_POICOANote01 xx054204
Text Fire Belly recipe 0 0 DLC03FarHarborS01_FireBellyRecipe xx04B9B4
Text Gift card 0 0 DLC03_POI_Note xx04EB5D
Text Grandfather's note 0 0 DLC03MQ01GrandfatherNote xx017E85
Text High Confessor's note 0 0 DLC03CoA_FFNucleus02_HCNote xx02C8FE
Text Islander's Almanac 0 0 DLC03_PerkMagIslandersAlmanac# xx04EF8B
Text Kasumi's journal 0 0 DLC03MQ01KasumiJournal xx017E8B
Text Kawaketak Station flyer Cut content 0 0 DLC03_AtomM02_FlyerAssembled xx01BC84
Text Kenji Nakano case notes 0 0 DLC03MQ01NakanoCase xx004F48
Text Last note from mom 0 0 DLC03FarHarborBerthaNote xx04FB95
Text Letter from Maxwell 0 0 DLC03_V118_Part2Note xx04B188
Text Letter to Ezra 0 0 DLC03_V118_KeithsNote xx049663
Text Love letter to Bridget 0 0 DLC03_9-12Poem xx00D802
Text Mariner's goodbye 0 0 DLC03MarinerSailingGoodbyeNote xx0486C4
Text Mariner's will 0 0 DLC03MarinerWillNote xx0486C6
Text Northwood Quarry notes 0 0 DLC03_ADV011_Note# xx0427CE
Text Note 0 0 DLC03FarHarborLastPlankNote# xx04FBA0
Text Note from Atom's shrine 0 0 DLC03AtomM01_MotherShrineNote xx0269C4
Text Old letter 0 0 DLC03FarHarborAveryNote xx04FB9B
Text Put it from your mind 0 0 DLC03CoA_HCNote_Division xx054258
Text Radioman's note 0 0 DLC03_POIRadiomanNote# xx0541FE
Text Repairs in progress 0 0 DLC03CoA_FFNucleus03_MaiRepairNote xx05711D
Text Report from PV 0 0 DLC03FarHarborAllenNote xx04FB99
Text Request for detective 0 0 DLC03_V118_PearlNote xx048A2D
Text RUN! 0 0 DLC03FarHarborMitchWarningNote xx04FB9D
Text Scrawled journal 0 0 DLC03_POIRefugeeNote01 xx054203
Text Scrawled note 0 0 DLC03AtomM01_MotherNote xx0269AA
Text Sister Gwyneth's visit 0 0 DLC03MQ06a_MartinDiary01 xx037487
Text Storage room notice 0 0 DLC03MQ03StorageRoomNote xx038ED8
Text Taste test 0 0 DLC03CoA_MaiNote_ThanksSister xx04DFD2
Text The Children Trapped 0 0 DLC03POI10_MotherNote03 xx02941A
Text The Sacred Elements 0 0 DLC03AtomM01_MotherPuzzleNote xx04E0B4
Text These mannequins! 0 0 DLC03_-7-15ShipNote xx01087E
Text To my "family" 0 0 DLC03CoA_FFNucleus02_AubertsFarewell xx04B347
Text Torn flyer piece Cut content 0 0 DLC03_AtomM02_FlyerScrap#Inv xx01BC7C
Text Trapper's note 0 0 DLC03_ADV001Note01 xx054216
Text Unfinished note Cut content 0 0 DLC03CoA_HCNote_Unfinished xx04DFCD
Text Victoria's note 0 0 DLC03AcadiaM04Note xx0540A4
Text Ware's brew recipe 0 0 DLC03CoA_FFNucleus01_WareBrewRecipe xx03E12D
Text Wind turbine code 0 0 DLC03MQ06_WindFarmCode xx034DF6

Keys and passwords[]

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Img Name (G.E.C.K. ID) Opens Found / in possession of Related quest Form ID
Vault Boy key Acadia storage key
Storage room door in Acadia Acadia, in the room with DiMA. Go up the stairs, it's on a table. Where You Belong xx038ED7
Quantum key Aldersea Day Spa key
Wood door in Aldersea Day Spa Super mutant boss in the Aldersea Day Spa xx039DE7
Vault Boy key Boathouse safe key
The safe in the boathouse Nakano boathouse, in the lighthouse picture frame xx017E83
Holotape CEO's master password
Terminal opening a security door Vim! Pop factory [verification overdue] xx038D90
Quantum key Cranberry Island shed key
Cranberry Island supply shed door In a footlocker on a shelf in the bunker below the house with the parasols at Cranberry Island Bog. xx04D20A
Quantum key Douglas's key
A trunk under water at the end of the dock south of Brooke's Head Lighthouse Top of Brooke's Head Lighthouse and on Douglas xx04FD13
Holotape Faraday's program
Gives access to the terminal in the Nucleus Command Center In Acadia, obtainable during Where You Belong by one of three methods: on Faraday's Master-locked terminal in his room if the terminal is hacked and his journal entry is first read, on Faraday's desk next to his terminal if the eavesdropping option is chosen, or given by DiMA if he is confronted directly Where You Belong xx029591
Holotape Faraday's terminal password
Gives access to Faraday's terminal In Acadia[verification overdue] Where You Belong xx008B28
Five key chain Footlocker key
A footlocker in the Vessel In the Nucleus Witch Hunt xx02C903
Quantum key Fringe Cove dock key
Metal door at Fringe Cove docks In a trunk at the Fringe Cove docks xx011807
Vault Boy key Jule's key
Opens a chest in the basement of Acadia. Given by Jule to the player character. The Price of Memory xx050047
Holotape Manager's key
Opens metal door at Eden Meadows Cinemas In a locked safe at Eden Meadows Cinemas xx020D1A
Holotape Navy base terminal password
Command Center access terminal in the Nucleus Command Center ? xx027B2E
Nuclear launch key
Gives access to missile status terminal in The Vessel A safe on a sunken boat at Fringe Cove docks Cleansing the Land xx015363
Note Ship's safe combination
A safe on a sunken boat at Fringe Cove docks Added by reading Safe room security tape in the Harbor Grand Hotel Cleansing the Land xx032C55
Note Shrine password
Shrine terminal Children of Atom shrine, written on the side of the locker next to the table of elements. Visions in the Fog (drink from Atom's Spring) xx00F291
Quantum key Tannery key
The basement door, interior office, and two safes at Eagle's Cove Tannery. On the glowing one at Eagle's Cove Tannery xx013F7C
Vault Boy key Trailer key
Trailer doors Trapper outpost down the road, north of Harbor Grand Hotel xx042607
Generic keycard Vault 118 keycard, #1
(DLC03_V118_Keycard_Gilda Keith)
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Gilda Broscoe and Keith McKinney xx048A4B
Generic keycard Vault 118 keycard, #2
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Ezra Parker xx048A4A
Generic keycard Vault 118 keycard, #3
ID card reader in Vault 118 Given to the player in dialogue. xx048A49
Generic keycard Vault 118 keycard, #4
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Santiago Avida xx048A4D
Generic keycard Vault 118 keycard, #5
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Julianna Riggs xx048A4C
Generic keycard Vault 118 keycard, #6
ID card reader in Vault 118 Held by Spencer Lords xx048A4E
Quantum key Vault 118 key
Sliding doors in Vault 118 and the overseer's door Held by Julianna Riggs xx04B1B4
Quantum key Vault 118 overseer's key
Overseer's office Held by Ezra Parker and in his room in Vault 118 Brain Dead xx04E710
Five key chain Victoria's key
Victoria's trunk on a wrecked ship near Southwest Harbor. Given by Jule The Price of Memory xx04FA99
Holotape Vim CEO password
CEO's terminal (next to the password) Vim! Corporate Headquarters, on a desk behind an Advanced locked door on the 2nd floor of the gift shop. The Way Life Should Be xx05441B
Five key chain Worn key (pump control)
Door to pump control Given by DiMA Reformation xx037489

Legendary effects[]

Weapon effects[]

  • Blazing - Blocking has a 25% chance to set attackers on fire for 50 damage.
  • Charged - 10% chance to deal 100 Electrical damage on a successful block.
  • Deadeye - Slows time when aiming down sights.
  • Defiant - The final shot in the magazine deals twice the normal damage.
  • Frigid - 20% chance to freeze the enemy when the player blocks their attack.
  • Hitman's - 10% bonus damage when aiming down sights.
  • Resilient - +150 damage resistance while reloading.
  • Resolute - Time slows down for a moment when the final round is chambered.
  • Steadfast - +50 damage resistance while aiming.

Armor effects[]

  • Auto Stim - Automatically use a stimpak when hit while health is 25% or less, once every 60 seconds.
  • Cloaking - Being hit in melee generates a Stealth Field once per 60 seconds.
  • Cryogenic - 10% chance to freeze melee attackers, once every 20 seconds.
  • Rad Powered - Grants additional strength the higher the Sole Survivor's rads.
  • Unyielding - +3 to all stats when the player is at 25% or less health.

World objects[]

Settlement objects[]


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Icon Name Location(s) Given by Reward Form ID Editor ID
Main quests
FH Far from Home trophy
Far From Home Valentine Detective Agency
Nakano residence
Far Harbor
Valentine's Detective Agency Radio 400+ XP
300 caps
Access to Far Harbor
xx001B3F DLC03MQ01
Fo4FH Walk in the Park
Walk in the Park Far Harbor
Captain Avery 400+ XP
Longfellow's cabin as a settlement
xx001B40 DLC03MQ02
FH Where You Belong trophy
Where You Belong Acadia Old Longfellow 500+ XP
500 caps
Access to Acadia
xx001B41 DLC03MQ03
Fo4FH Best Left Forgotten
Best Left Forgotten The Nucleus Kasumi Nakano 500+ XP
Assault marine armor
xx001B42 DLC03MQ04
FH The Way Life Should Be trophy
The Way Life Should Be 600+ XP
Destroyer of Acadia perk
Acadia's Shield (armor chestpiece)
Lucky Eddy (lever-action rifle)
xx001B43 DLC03MQ05
FH Cleansing the Land trophy
Cleansing the Land 600+ XP
Far Harbor Survivalist for siding with Far Harbor
Crusader of Atom for siding with the Children of Atom
xx001B44 DLC03MQ06
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia
Reformation Acadia
The Nucleus
600+ XP
Protector of Acadia
Atom's Bulwark
xx02127F DLC03MQ06a
FH Close to Home trophy
Close to Home Acadia
Nakano residence
400+ XP
Supply stash containing a random legendary weapon
xx004F2C DLC03MQPostQuest
General side quests
Icon Fo4 side quest
Brain Dead Vault 118 Pearl
400+ XP (part 1)
300+ XP (part 2)
200 to 1270 pre-War money
xx036763 DLC03_V118_Quest
Icon Minutemen quest
Shipbreaker The Island Shipbreaker's radio frequency 275+ XP
Skipper's Last Stand
xx040A87 DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned05
Radiant quests
Icon Minutemen quest
Condensers Down A settlement on the Island
A radiant location
A settler ~100 XP
~100 caps
xx00EB4C DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned01
Icon Minutemen quest
Deadliest Catch A settlement on the Island
A radiant location
A settler xx040A86 DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned04
Icon Minutemen quest
Super Mutants in the Fog A settlement on the Island
A radiant location
A settler ~100 XP
~100 caps
xx00EB51 DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned02
Icon Minutemen quest
Trapper Attack A settlement on the Island
A radiant location
A settler ~100 XP
~100 caps
xx039953 DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned03
Acadia side quests
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia
Acadian Ideals Acadia 300+ XP xx0456D3 DLC03AcadiaQuestPointers
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia
Data Recovery The Island
Faraday 250+ XP xx04B1F6 DLC03AcadiaM03
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia
The Arrival The Island
Chase 400+ XP
200/250/300/400 caps
Hitman's Institute laser
xx01536F DLC03AcadiaM01
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia
The Price of Memory Acadia Cog 350+ XP
Crippling sledgehammer or Unyielding synth chest piece
xx04B95A DLC03AcadiaM04
Fo4FH Protector of Acadia
Hunting the Hunter The Island
Dejen 475+ XP
420-610 caps
xx04049B DLC03AcadiaM02
Children of Atom side quests
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom
Ablutions The Nucleus Mai 350+ XP
Radical Conversion
xx02B500 DLC03DLC03CoA_FFNucleus03
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom
The Heretic The Nucleus
Ruined church
Grand Zealot Brian Richter 400+ XP
Atom's Judgement
xx01B0AF DLC03AtomM02
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom
Visions in the Fog The Nucleus
Atom's Spring
Grand Zealot Brian Richter 400+ XP
Member of the Church of the Children of Atom
Access to the Nucleus
xx00AFB1 DLC03AtomM01
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom
What Atom Requires The Nucleus High Confessor Tektus 300+ XP xx0500E4 DLC03CoA_QuestPointers
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom
The Trial of Brother Devin The Nucleus Zealot Ware 350+ XP
Ware's brew recipe
4 Ware's brew
xx01055C DLC03CoA_FFNucleus01
Fo4FH Crusader of Atom
Witch Hunt The Nucleus High Confessor Tektus 350+ XP
Inquisitor's cowl
xx02C8B3 DLC03CoA_FFNucleus02
Far Harbor side quests
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
Blood Tide Far Harbor
National Park campground
Dalton farm
Brooke's Head Lighthouse
Cassie Dalton 350+ XP
900 caps
Dalton farm as a settlement
xx023ACB DLC03FarHarborFF01
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
Hull Breach Far Harbor
Eagle's Cove Tannery
The Mariner 300+ XP
450 caps
Combat shotgun
xx00A990 DLC03DLC03FarHarborFF03a
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
Hull Breach 2 Far Harbor
MS Azalea
The Mariner 300+ XP
400 caps
xx00AEC4 DLC03FarHarborFF03b
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
Hull Breach 3 Far Harbor
Haddock Cove
The Mariner 300+ XP
615 caps
Defender's Harpoon Gun
xx02039A DLC03FarHarborFF03c
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
Living on the Edge Far Harbor Captain Avery 400+ XP xx04E77A DLC03DLC03FarHarborM02
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
Rite of Passage Far Harbor
The Island
Teddy Wright 350+ XP
600 caps
The Captain's Hat
The Captain's Feast
xx00A992 DLC03FarHarborM01
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
Safe Passage Far Harbor Captain Avery 300+ XP xx023ACA DLC03FarHarborFF02
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
The Changing Tide Far Harbor Captain Avery 500+ XP
Rescue diver suit
xx04E779 DLC03FarHarborM03
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
The Great Hunt Far Harbor
The Island
The Mariner 300+ XP
Legend of the Harbor
xx02399F DLC03FarHarborS03
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
The Hold Out Far Harbor
National Park visitor's center
Mitch 300+ XP
610 caps
Fire Belly recipe
National Park visitor's center as a settlement
xx00A991 DLC03FarHarborS01
Fo4FH Far Harbor Survivalist
Turn Back the Fog Far Harbor
Echo Lake Lumber
Small Bertha 300+ XP
410 caps
Echo Lake Lumber as a settlement
xx00AEC3 DLC03FarHarborS02
Commonwealth Factions quests
Icon Institute quest
Forbidden Knowledge The Institute William Moseley 500+ XP xx013F3A DLC03Acadia_Institute
Icon Fo4 BoS quest
Search and Destroy The Prydwen Lancer Captain Kells xx013F39 DLC03Acadia_BoS


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SPECIAL perks[]

Name Rank Attribute Name Attribute Rank Character Level Description Form ID
Strong Back 5 STR 6 40 When overencumbered, running costs 50% less action points. xx0423A3
Night Person 3 PER 6 37 You have 30 extra health between the hours of 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM. xx043222
Rad Resistant 4 END 6 35 You now have +40 Radiation Resistance. xx0423A4
Lone Wanderer 4 CHA 3 50 When adventuring without a companion, you have 25 more action points. xx0365F8
Scrapper 3 INT 5 40 You get more from salvaging. xx0423A5
Action Boy/Action Girl 3 AGI 5 38 Your Action Points now regenerate 75% faster. xx034E7F
Critical Banker 4 LCK 7 50 You can now save 4 Critical Hits, to be used in V.A.T.S. when you need them the most. xx034E81

Quest/faction related perks[]

Perk Benefit Form ID
Captain's Feast +10% XP earned for 2 hours. xx04FA84
Crusader of Atom Provides a bonus to your weapon's damage. The higher your rads, the higher the bonus. xx023B36
Destroyer of Acadia When your health falls below 20%, do 4x damage for 30 seconds. xx02C9B4
Far Harbor Survivalist Gain +5 to all resistances. xx02C9B5
Inquisitor of Atom Provides a bonus to your weapon's damage. The higher your rads, the higher the bonus. xx02C9B2
Protector of Acadia When your health falls below 20%, gain 1000 damage resist and energy resist for 30 seconds. xx02C9B3

Magazine perks[]

Magazine Issue Perk Form ID
Islander's Almanac Pincer Dodge Take 5% less damage from Mirelurk melee attacks. xx050B32
Precision Hunting 5% higher VATS chance against animals the player is in combat with. xx050B33
Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide Marks multiple locations on the map. xx050B34
Children of Atom Exposé Receive 10% less damage from radiation-based attacks. xx050B35
Recipe Roundup Unlocks sludge based recipes at chemistry stations. xx050B36

Companion perks[]

Perk Associated character Benefit Form ID
Hunter's Wisdom Old Longfellow The Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance of animals and sea creatures is reduced by 25%. xx018621


Name Requirement Achievement points Trophy type PC/PS4 Image Xbox Image
New England Vacationer Discover 20 Far Harbor locations 10 Gamerscore Bronze FH New England Vacationer trophy New England Vacationer Xbox achievement
Hooked Defeat 30 Far Harbor sea creatures 10 Gamerscore Bronze FH Hooked trophy Hooked Xbox achievement
Push Back the Fog Unlock 3 Far Harbor Workshop locations 10 Gamerscore Bronze FH Push Back the Fog trophy Push Back The Fog Xbox achievement
Just Add Saltwater Cook one of the new Far Harbor recipes 10 Gamerscore Bronze FH Just Add Saltwater trophy Just Add Saltwater Xbox achievement
The Islander's Almanac Collect all issues of the "Islander's Almanac" magazine 10 Gamerscore Bronze FH The Islanders Almanac trophy The Islanders Almanac Xbox achievement
Cleansing the Land Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land" 20 Gamerscore Bronze FH Cleansing the Land trophy Cleansing the Land Xbox achievement
Far From Home Complete the quest "Far From Home" 20 Gamerscore Bronze FH Far from Home trophy Far From Home Xbox achievement
Where You Belong Complete the quest "Where You Belong" 20 Gamerscore Bronze FH Where You Belong trophy Where You Belong Xbox achievement
The Way Life Should Be Complete the quest "The Way Life Should Be" 20 Gamerscore Bronze FH The Way Life Should Be trophy The Way Life Should Be Xbox achievement
Close to Home Complete the quest "Close to Home" 50 Gamerscore Silver FH Close to Home trophy Close to Home Xbox achievement


  • Companions will join the Sole Survivor as they travel between the Commonwealth and the Island.
  • Nick Valentine and Old Longfellow are the only companions who offer any situational dialogue during events of the add-on. Everyone else the Sole Survivor brings along for the journey will gain or lose affinity in accordance with their personality, but they will neither interject in conversations nor will they comment on their unique surroundings beyond what they would say in the base game.
  • Having Dogmeat as a companion will prompt unique dialogue with the super mutant Erickson.
  • Loot deposited in a container in the outbuilding at the Nakano residence before the initial boat journey to Far Harbor will not be present in that container upon return.


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