They're the last of the merchants, and I mean that literally. Small time stuff, mostly.Decker

The Far Go Traders are a New California Republic merchant house operating out of the Hub. By 2281 they are one of the biggest companies in the Republic, competing with the Crimson Caravan for contracts with the Republic military.



They are a group in the Downtown district of the Hub, run by Butch Harris. Rutger is Butch's associate and deals with payment and scheduling duties.

Far Go Traders owns Beth's Gun Shop and hired two well armed guards to stand in front of her door, as well as Beth's personal bodyguard Sid. If the Vault Dweller is hired by Butch, Beth will give you a 15% discount on all of her items. Although inexpensive, her weapons are easy to find, and rather low quality.

If you work for Butch he will tell you about how his caravans have gone missing. If you accept to find out what happened it will trigger the Find the missing caravans quest.

Fallout: New VegasEdit

If you pass a speech check with Blake he will mention how "the Far Go Traders have been trying to edge us out on the new armor contract for the troops." This suggests the Far Go still possess a large influence to be able to equip a massive force such as the NCR.

Behind the scenesEdit

Far Go Traders is a reference to Brian Fargo, founder and CEO of Interplay (at the time when Fallout was released) and one of the designers of Wasteland, the spiritual predecessor to the Fallout series.


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