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This is a transcript for dialogue with Fantastic.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hey man, when in Rome. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 I look so good in this shit, I want you to call me Fucking Spectacular from now on. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Well look who it is! Fantastic's little helper, all grown up. Following in his master's footsteps. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Guess who got promoted to goddamn dam god? The cream always rises to the top, and Fantastic always rises to the top of the cream. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 What the fuck, man? Are you loco? {Talking to a psychotic person who murdered a bunch of people just now.} 5
Neutral 50 You just killed my paycheck. 6
GREETING Fear 30 Who the hell are you? They bring you in to replace me? They're replacing me, aren't they? 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Yo. 8
VMS03FantasticAttack [Attack] You won't need to worry about bills where you're going. Anger 50 Newsflash. Fantastic is irreplaceable. 9
VMS03FantasticDivertedPower I sent power to McCarran and the Strip. Neutral 50 Whoa, really? Ho, shit! I knew I could do it. Those NCR pricks can all get on their knees and worship at the altar of fucking Fantastic! 10
Neutral 50 But don't worry, I'll tell them what you did for me, man. Not all of it, though. They'd think I was an idiot. But some of it. 11
Neutral 50 Keep at it, man. One day you could end up where I am. You never know. 12
VMS03FantasticHereForYourJob That's right. I'm here for your job. Neutral 50 Ah, shit. Shit, man. I need this. Gotta pay the bills. And I'm addicted to a lot of different kinds of chems. I mean a lot. 13
That's right. I'm here for your job. Neutral 50 Ah, shit, man. You're direct, you're no-nonsense. How am I supposed to compete with that? I gotta pay these chem bills. 14
VMS03FantasticHowGetJob How did you get this job? Happy 50 It was easy, man. They were going door to door asking if anyone knew any scientists. I said look no further. 15
Neutral 50 They asked me if I knew anything about power plants. I said as much as anyone I'd ever met. 16
Neutral 50 They asked me how well I understood theoretical physics. I said I had a theoretical degree in physics. They said welcome aboard. 17
VMS03FantasticIAmNow I am now. Neutral 50 Well hey, if you find yourself up at the mainframe, do yourself a favor and make sure you send the power to the right place. 18
Neutral 50 It needs to go to the Strip and McCarran. 19
VMS03FantasticJob What job do you have here? Happy 50 What else? I'm in charge. This whole operation depends on me. No Fantastic, no power. Got the whole NCR suckling my teats, and it feels so good. 20
VMS03FantasticNoIdeaWhatYoureDoing So you have no idea what you're doing. Neutral 50 No, man. I know exactly what I'm doing. I just don't know what effect it's going to have. 21
Neutral 50 Over there controls power in this building. That station has readouts on the computer network. 22
Neutral 50 That big knob there makes a crazy noise. Sparks come out of that slot if you put stuff in it. And I'm learning more every day. 23
VMS03FantasticNotGoingToRetarget No. Neutral 50 Ah well. Guess I'll have to wait for the next curious sucker. 24
VMS03FantasticPayoff You pay me a stack of caps right now and I'll forget you have my job. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Aw, man. How am I supposed to buy chems now? Fine. Here. 25
You pay me a stack of caps right now and I'll forget you have my job. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Ha! You had me going for a second there. Then I remembered that there's only one Fantastic. I'm king of this dump. 26
VMS03FantasticRetarget How would someone retarget the mirrors? Neutral 50 There's these two terminals outside. They control the mirrors. I tried fooling with them but didn't get very far. 27
Neutral 50 You'd have to get them to talk to the mainframe up in the tower, then do the rest from up there. I'm guessing. But it sounds good, right? 28
Surprise 35 Hey, you're not thinking of going up there, are you? 29
Settle down. I'm not here to replace anyone.
Actually I'm not here to replace you. Neutral 50 Damn right, you're not. Goddamn right. Why would they? You can't top this guy. Just a little more time. You can't keep Fantastic down for long. 30
Settle down. I'm not here to replace anyone. Neutral 50 Damn right, you're not. Goddamn right. Why would they? You can't top this guy. Just a little more time. You can't keep Fantastic down for long. 31
VMS03FantasticStripMcCarran Why should the power go to the Strip and McCarran? Neutral 50 Because I get paid, that's why. Per kilowatt-hour, whatever the hell that is. That's where the NCR wants the power, so that's where I want it. 32
Neutral 50 But you know, you do that, maybe I put in a good word for you with them. Fantastic's little helper. There's a reputation you can hang your hat on. 33
VMS03FantasticTopic000 Fantastic? What are you doing here? Neutral 50 What's it look like, man? I'm fucking king of the NCR. Caesar's Legion has Caesar, the NCR's got Fantastic. It's Fantastic's NCR now. 34
Neutral 50 This whole war's about power, man. Caesar wants it. NCR wants it. Fantastic's got it. 35
Neutral 50 After I fixed HELIOS One and basically saved the NCR from the dumbshits who run it, I got myself a little promotion. Now I run the whole shebang. 36
VMS03FantasticTopic001 Get this straight. You're not my master. Neutral 50 Whoa, hey. All right, man. It's cool. Who said anything about being your master? 37
Neutral 50 I'm just the guy who tells you to do the stuff you do before you do it. 38
VMS03FantasticTopic002 What are your responsibilities now? Neutral 50 Man, what aren't my responsibilities? Dam overflow, dam underflow. Dam leakage. Sometimes the dam gets too big and I have to shrink it down. {Emph. "aren't"} 39
Neutral 50 People come to me to resolve their disputes with my wisdom. 40
Neutral 50 Like, hey Fantastic, who gets to keep this doodad we found? Or, yo, Fantastic, when will you accept that you're the father of my child? It's crazy. 41
VMS03FantasticTopic003 They put you in charge of Hoover Dam? Neutral 50 They sure as shit did. I mean there's still formalities, like I have to run everything by Lawson before I do it. 42
Neutral 50 But do I ever do that? Is his name Fantastic? 43
VMS03FantasticTopic004 So you have to do whatever Lawson tells you. Neutral 50 No, man. That's just what I'm supposed to do. 44
Neutral 50 But when he tells me to push the middle button to divert the intake, and the right button feels nicer when I touch it, I know where my loyalty is. 45
Neutral 50 Man, I just don't know how an idiot like that gets put in charge of anything. 46
VMS03FantasticTopic006 Is Ignacio dead over there? Did you kill him? Neutral 50 Man, I don't even know. It's crazy. 47
VMS03FantasticTopic007 You're with the Legion? Neutral 50 Shh. You feel that? That's the winds of change, baby, and Fantastic's riding them with his magic angel wings. 48
Neutral 50 They saw the shit I did for the NCR, how I carried them on my back, brought fire to the heathens. I wasn't gonna help them but they begged. 49
Neutral 50 Well, somebody begged. Couldn't say who for sure. It's all a blur, you know? Chems, man. What a trip. 50
VMS03FantasticTopic008 What will you do now? Neutral 50 I'm working on some top secret shit I can't even tell you about, it's so mind-blowing. 51
Neutral 50 But here's a little taste. You know how you can only collect sunlight during the day? What if you could make it daytime all the time? 52
Neutral 50 Crazy, right? Or is it? I'm gonna find somebody smart and ask him that question, see what he says. It'll be fucking intense. 53
VMS03FantasticTryingToAccomplish What are you trying to accomplish? Neutral 50 Well, see, we're getting power, because the guy running this place is Fantastic. 54
Neutral 50 But the mirrors outside aren't aimed right, so we're running at one percent efficiency. And I guess that just isn't good enough for some assholes. 55
Neutral 50 Trouble is, most of the controls for this place aren't here - they're in the tower. 56
Neutral 50 And that place has some crazy Pre-War security system that the dumbshit NCR set off when they took over. Killed two guys. Now they won't go near it. 57
Disgust 20 They want me to make an omelet, but I can't break any of their eggs, know what I'm saying? 58
VMS03FantasticWhatExactlyDoYouDo What exactly do you do? Neutral 50 Fuck, man. Everything. I push buttons. I turn dials. I read numbers. Sometimes I make up little stories in my head about what the numbers mean. 59
Neutral 50 Like one time I imagined they were a code to get into a vault full of naked women. Man, how cool would that be? 60
VMS03FantasticWorried Why are you worried about being replaced? Surprise 30 Worried? Do I look worried to you? I've got this under control, baby. No one else can do what I do here. {In denial.} 61


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Here, you'll want this. It's the password to one of the terminals outside. Found it written on one of the stalls in the bathroom. 62
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Adios, amigo. 63
HELLO Hello Neutral 50 Hey, man. 64