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Family announcement is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. It is recorded by Bray Husky and Luke Husky.


At Haddock Cove, on a wooden barrel next to a sleeping bag and lantern.


Bray Husky: Alright, new announcement, so listen...Woah, Luke. What are you doing in here? I'm making my next tape here.

Luke: Boss, Braun's off in his bunk whimpering about something. Says he saw something peering up at him from under the base boards

Bray Husky: Are you kidding me? He's a grown man, for God's sake. He's too old to be jumping at the boogeyman.

Luke: Maybe, but he's refusing to do his chores. On top of that, Rowan keeps hiding in the water and jumping out at him. Scares him close to death.

Bray Husky: Fine, go round up those chuckleheads and I'll have a talk with them both. This place would fall apart without me, I swear... Aw, for crying out loud. This thing is still recording. Luke, how the hell do you make this thing stop?

Luke: Big red button marked "Stop Recording"

Bray Husky: I knew that...

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