Family and so-called friends is a holotape in Fallout 76. It is recorded by Raleigh Clay.


It is found in Raleigh Clay's bunker, on a nightstand in one of the bedrooms.



It's been... two weeks since I lost Trish and Marty. Two weeks since we lost Harpers to those... things... those Scorched and that... nightmare. Two weeks of keeping it together for Mike and Megan... and all the others.

Sam, where the hell are you? I could really use my best friend right now. This was our thing, you know. We were in this together. Then you started in with the secrets, the no shows... You practically shoved Emily out the door, and now you're doing it to me?

I was your best friend for over forty years. I trusted you to help me see this through... If you acted like you gave a half a damn about anything besides yourself you could've helped me. Maybe I never would've made the decisionIcon sic rebuild Harpers Ferry. Maybe half my family would still be alive...

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