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Find out why the Prison Marshals are hunting you.

Falsely Accused is a side quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Killing the prison marshals that are a random encounter only in the Toxic Valley will start the quest. Looting one will find the arrest warrant holotape and cause a voice recording to play, leading to the first step. Follow the waypoint to the Eastern Regional Penitentiary to the southwest on Highway 92. Talk to the Warden upstairs when walking into the penitentiary and he will give the "penitentiary security password". Use this password to activate turrets in each cell block. Once this is done, one must head to the Warden's office and talk with the warden.

Detailed walkthrough

The quest begins when the player character randomly encounters 2-3 hostile prison marshals in the Toxic Valley who try to kill them. After defeating the marshals, an arrest warrant on one of their corpses will reveal that the marshals were sent to recapture two fugitives who had escaped from the Eastern Regional Penitentiary. Head to the penitentiary in the Toxic Valley and talk to the warden in the administrative offices upstairs.

The Warden will give the player character the task of activating turrets in each cell block. One will receive the security password and should go to the security terminal in every cell block and choose the option to "Activate Turrets". Watch out for feral ghouls lingering in the cell blocks, along with super mutants in the prison courtyard if taking the long route to the remaining cell blocks. Once this has been completed, speak with the Warden and he will end the quest. Completing the quest will reward experience and a unique pump-action shotgun called Civil Unrest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Talk to the Warden about the MarshalsI was attacked by robot prison marshals that thought I was an escaped prisoner. I should go talk with the prison warden.
? Authorize Cell Block A turret activation
Authorize Cell Block B turret activation
Authorize Cell Block C turret activation
Authorize Cell Block D turret activation
The prison warden apologized for the case of mistaken identity. He's asked me to turn on the turret authorization for each cell block.
?Quest finishedDeliver authorization codes to the wardenI reported bacIn-game spelling to the warden after activating all the turrets.


  • Grabbing the Penitentiary key in the security room will help with navigating the cell blocks.
    • Additionally, a locked terminal in the entrance (Hacker level 3) can provide quick access to cell blocks C & D.
  • The prison marshals are a random spawn only in the Toxic Valley.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The quest does not always remain in the Pip-Boy's journal when a player logs out of the game, forcing them to hunt down the random encounter with the prison marshals again to restart it from the beginning. This can also happen if the player is lagged out, the server crashes, or the game freezes, forcing a restart.[verified]