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False Gods of Appalachia is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Night of the Moth update. It is one of six sacred tomes belonging to the Enlightened.


The note can be found in the church of Point Pleasant in a display case to the right of the pulpit.


False Gods of Appalachia
by Wise Nathaniel the Shadowed

The Wise Mothman calls the mountains and woods of Appalachia home, yet the region is the haunt of other strangeness as well. These rolling hills are ancient beyond human comprehension, and what were once towering peaks to shame the Alps remain home to things likewise outside mortal experience. Many a credulous soul has attributed deific qualities to these things, as do the Dim Ones, and in so doing are deafened to the Wise Mothman's Truth.

Here I catalogue some of these False Gods, that the student of his Wisdom may not be led into the temptation of dark Mysteries, which bear within them no light of Knowledge.

The Deceiver Mothman and his Progeny
As the Wise Mothman's eyes glow with the violet light of his Wisdom, his unenlightened brethren's vision is cloaked in crimson. They and their spawn heed not the actions of humankind, nor care for us, making of us naught but prey and sport. The Dim Ones see them and think them gods, divine and sacred, and fall to the ground in obeisance. Be not deceived, student of Truth. These fire-eyed Lepidoptera are neither god nor angel, and have no Wisdom to share.

The Flatwoods "Monster"
Shun this accursed creature, dear student, should you cross paths with its haunting form. Let not its amaranthine glow fool you - it shares no kinship to the Wise Mothman, and where his Truth sets loose your mind from the fetters of falsehood, this hovering nightmare binds it. There is no Wisdom to be found in such a being.

Squatches of Diverse Shape
Many tell tales of encounters with beast-people in the wilds of Appalachia. Ape-men of giant stature and foul stench. Hybrids of human and livestock, goat and ram. Even plants that walk and speak with vegetable minds, invading the thoughts of mortals. Some have Observed these things, and we know them, but we likewise know that they are neither demon nor deity. Some have constructed totems to call or appease these creatures, and show themselves fools. A beast may come to food left to tempt it or be frightened by a strange construction. This does not make it worthy of worship.

The Interloper
We who would learn at the chitinous knee of the Wise Mothman, who hear his Truth and Observe the coming and going of him, must speak not of the Interloper. There is no fouler deceit than one garbed in truth. Shun its call, for it can bring only darkness.


  • The note cannot be picked up.
  • When interacting with the note to read it the title will show simply as "Sacred Tome" just like the other five tomes found in the church.
  • In order to read the note, The Mothman Equinox seasonal event must be completed 21 times. Otherwise, a message will appear, stating that the player character is not ready to gaze upon the book.