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Terminal entries are transcripts found on terminals in Fallout.


Location Effect Requirements Message file
Vault 13: Level 3, in the library LIBCOMP.MSG
Vault 12: Level 3, in the operations room NH2OCOMP.MSG
The Glow: Level 1, chamber with Dennis Allen's body GPWRTERM.MSG
The Glow: Level 4, central chamber ZAX.MSG
The Glow: Level 6, generator room GPWRTERM.MSG
Lost Hills: Level 3, Vree's lecture room TERM.MSG
Mariposa Military Base: Level 1, room near the elevator. ROBCTRL.MSG
Mariposa Military Base: Level 1, southeastern room. COMMAND.MSG
Mariposa Military Base: Level 4, Vats control room VCONCOMP.MSG
Los Angeles Vault: Level 1, just beyond the Vault door TERM.MSG
Los Angeles Vault: Level 4 MVCOMP.MSG