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The minimum for each primary statistic is 1 and the maximum is 10. These boundaries can never be broken, even with bonuses or maluses. Each statistic directly modifies certain derived statistics. In addition, every skill is tied to a primary statistic. Some perks require certain minimum attribute values as well.


Primary statistic Description Derived statistics and effects Associated skills
Strength Raw physical strength. Carry Weight
Hit Points
Melee Damage
Melee Weapons, Unarmed
Perception The ability to see, hear and taste and notice unusual things. Dialogue options
Distance from enemies in random encounters
Ranged combat distance modifiers
Doctor, First Aid, Lockpick, Traps
Endurance Stamina and physical toughness. Healing Rate
Hit Points
Poison Resistance
Radiation Resistance
Charisma A combination of appearance and charm. NPC reactions
Barter, Speech
Intelligence Knowledge, wisdom and the ability to think quickly. Dialogue options
skill points per level
Doctor, First Aid, Outdoorsman, Repair, Science
Agility Coordination and the ability to move well. Action Points
Armor Class
Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Lockpick, Melee Weapons, Small Guns, Sneak, Steal, Throwing, Traps, Unarmed
Luck Fate, Karma. Chances with the virtual dice of the game
Critical Chance

Increasing attributes[]


  • Lorri at Lost Hills can provide operations to raise each of your stats (except Luck and Charisma) by 1, although it incurs a significant cost in money and time. It's possible to receive two Intelligence upgrades, as if the player character has less than 4 intelligence, Lorri will offer an intelligence upgrade at a significantly lower cost.
  • Chuck in Adytum can raise Luck by 1.
  • Patrick the Celt's encounter can increase Charisma by 1.


Behind the scenes[]

As Fallout did not support #define commands, scripting relies on direct references. As such, scripts reference primary statistics in the following fashion:

0 Strength
1 Perception
2 Endurance
3 Charisma
4 Intelligence
5 Agility
6 Luck 

Eg.: get_critter_stat(dude_obj,3) tells the game to check the player character's Charisma.