This page lists all factions in the original Fallout.
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Name Locations
Blades Boneyard
Brotherhood of Steel Lost Hills
Caravan merchant New California
Crimson Caravan The Hub
Crypts Scrapheap
Desert Rangers New California
Followers of the Apocalypse Boneyard Library
Old Mormon Fort
Far Go Traders The Hub
Fools Scrapheap
Friendly Lending Company The Hub
Gun Runners Boneyard
Hub Police The Hub
Hub's central council The Hub
Khans Raider base
Master's Army New California
Nightkin Cathedral
Raiders New California
Regulators Boneyard
Rippers New California
Skulz Junktown
Thieves' Guild The Hub
Underground The Hub
Underground ghouls Necropolis
Unity Mariposa Military Base
Vat Team 9 Mariposa Military Base
Vault 13 rebels Vault 13
Vipers New California
Water Merchants (Water merchant guards) The Hub


Name Locations
Children of the Cathedral Cathedral
The Hub
Dharma Shady Sands
Christianity America
Factions in Fallout
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