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This page attempts to list Fallout and Fallout 2 world objects that are not a part of any quests nor can be meaningfully interacted with. Since Fallout 2 and Fallout 1 use the same engine and assets, many of these objects appear in both games.



Name Image Description Notes
Chair Fo Chairs 1.png "A very nice looking chair."
Chair Fo Chairs 2.png "A very nice looking chair."
Chair Fo Chairs 3.png "A very nice looking chair."
Chair Fo Chairs 4.png "A very nice looking chair."
Chair Fo Chairs 7.png "It's a chair. Too bad you don't have time to sit down and relax."
Chair Fo Chairs 5.png "There is nothing unusual about this chair."
Chair Fo Chairs 8.png "It's a chair. It looks mighty comfortable."
Chair Fo Chairs 6.png "There is nothing unusual about this chair."
Chair Fo Chairs 10.png "It's a chair. Too bad you don't have time to sit down and relax."
Chair Fo Chairs 9.png "This chair is ruined."
Chair Fo Chairs 11.png "This looks like an old office chair, still in pretty good shape after all these years."
Chair Fo Chairs 12.png "This is an old office chair. It might even support the weight of a person."
Chair Fo Chairs 13.png "This office chair has seen better days. It's pretty much trash, now."
Chair Fo Chairs 14.png "This looks like a chair you would see in a mortician's office - dead."
Chair Fo Chairs 15.png "If someone paid you a lot of caps, and you could use steel britches, you might consider sitting in this chair."
Chair Fo Chairs 16.png "This chair is falling apart. Quickly."
Chair Fo Chairs 17.png "This chair is moldy and gross. As you can guess, it stinks, too."
Chair Fo Chairs 18.png "This chair looks like it has seen better years."
Chair Fo Chairs 19.png "A comfy chair."
Chair Fo Chairs 20.png "A rotting, smelly old chair sitting on bricks for support. Looks pretty uncomfortable."
Chair Fo Chairs 21.png "A rotting old chair made out of an ancient car seat."
Chair Fo Chairs 22.png "A smelly old chair that used be to a car seat. The springs have lost their spring."


Name Image Description Notes
Couch Fo Couches 1.png "A very uncomfortable looking sitting device, sometimes known as a couch."


Name Image Description Notes
FO1 bookshelf.png "A bookshelves, typically with a good stack of books on them."
FO1 bookshelf1.png "Bookshelf as you find them in the library." Bookshelves with this appearance facing southwest count as items with a weight of 9999 lbs.
FO1 bookcase1.png "A bookcase, with a good stack of books in it."
FO1 bookcase2.png "A bookcase, with crooked boards and some casually stacked books."
FO1 bookcase3.png "A bookcase, rather empty."


Name Image Description Notes
Floor safe / Wall safe
00000502, 00000501
Fo1 safe.png Fo1 wall safes.png Safes can be lockpicked or blasted open using dynamite or plastic explosives, or can be opened by using the appropriate key or combination.
Fo1 lockers.png "A storage container."
Fo1 footlocker.png "Your basic footlocker. Holds stuff, sits at foot of bed, can be locked."
Ammo crate
Fo1 ammo crate.png
00000243, 00000244
00000248, 00000249
Fo1 pots.png "A finely crafted clay pot."
Ice chest (refrigerator)
FO1 ice chest1.png "On old-style ice chest. The hinges are in good working condition."
Ice chest
FO1 ice chest2.png "A small, green ice chest."
Bones V13bones.png ALIEN1.png ALIEN2.png Arbones.png "You see Ed. Ed's dead."
"A collection of strange bones."
In Fallout they are Ed's corpse, right after exit from Vault 13. Another two can be found in Alien Ship encounter, where one of them carries an alien blaster.
In Fallout 2 they are remains of Sierra Army Depot personnel with some Mentats in them.
Crashed vertibird Fallout 2
00000330 Cut content
FO1 Reserved item.png "This is wreckage from a verti-bird. Looks like it crashed here months ago." The description points toward the crashed vertibird in Klamath Canyon and was to become a container. For unknown reasons however, it was not included in the final retail version of the game.
Trek Guys TrekGuy1.png TrekGuy2.png TrekGuy3.png "This guy has a weird red uniform you have never seen. It looks like he died from dehydration." These are the corpses from Federation Crash Site random encounter.
Car trunk CARTRUNK.png "The trunk is a great place to store your stuff." Highwayman trunk can be "used" separately and due to bug can be located in towns in other section than car itself
Wagons CCART01.png CCART02.png "A caravan wagon converted from the wrecked remains of an ancient automobile."
Decomposing body FO2 Decomposing body.png "This is a partially decomposed body of a humanoid creature." Only in Fallout 2
Poor box FO2 Poor Box.png "A small box used to collect money for the poor." Only in Fallout 2


Name Image Description Notes
Bed Fo Beds 1.png "A bed, it looks pretty comfortable after what you have been sleeping on."
Bed Fo Beds 2.png "A standard bed. Looks comfy."
Bed Fo Beds 3.png "This bed is in pretty bad condition."
Bed Fo Beds 4.png "This bed is in wretched condition."
Bed Fo Beds 5.png "This bed is in pretty very poor condition."
Bed Fo Beds 6.png "This bed is in poor condition."
Bed Fo Beds 7.png "A very comfortable looking bed."
Medical Bed Fo Beds 8.png "This bed has a built-in monitor for monitoring the patient's condition."
Bed Fo Beds 9.png "A structurally enhanced bunk bed."
Bunk Bed Fo Beds 10.png "A military-style bunk bed. Looks very uncomfortable. Also looks like you could bounce a quarter off of these sheets."
Bed Fo Beds 11.png "A very nice looking bed."
Bed Fo Beds 12.png "A very nice looking bed."
Bed Fo Beds 13.png "This bed has seen better days (and probably nights, too)."
Bed Fo Beds 14.png "On closer examination, you determine that the sheets have not been changed in a very, very long time."
Bed Fo Beds 15.png "There are a couple stains of dubious origin on this well-worn sleeping device."
Bed Fo Beds 16.png "This bed has seen a lot of use and wear. Something must have crawled between the mattresses and died, too."
Old Mattress Fo Beds 17.png "An old, beat-up mattress. You think you see some sort of small bug-like critter infesting it."
Old Mattress Fo Beds 18.png "Even if you were to sleep by yourself on this thing, you would not be sleeping alone."
Bed Fo Beds 19.png "A make-shift bed. The material was scavenged from some other source."
Bed Fo Beds 20.png "Tribal and field bed." Only in Fallout 2


Name Image Description Notes
Computer Fo Terminals 1.png "A Vault computer terminal, hooked into the main Vault computer."/"A computer terminal, hooked into a mainframe computer."
VDU FO VDU.png "This Video Display Unit has a variety of computer monitors and other screens. It looks very, very busy."
Holo Generator (FO1) - Auto-Doc (FO2) Fo Holo Generator.png "A large-scale THT entertainment tape player. No new movies have been made in 80 years." (FO1)
Monitor Fo Monitors 1.png "A green-screen display monitor, showing various bits of data. A few bytes occasionally show up."
Supercomputer Cut content Fo2 Enclave Supercomputer.png A cut version of the Enclave supercomputer at the reactor level.


Name Image Description Notes
Water pump FO1 water pump.png "A broken water pump."
Tool board
Tool board.png "This board holds a variety of tools above the popular workbench."
"Vic's trusty toolboard."
Mining machine FO2 Mining machine.png Excavator chip inside


Cars and trucks

Name Image Description Notes
Car (Wrecked Original Corvega) Fo Wreck 1.gif If the Mechanic of the Year suddenly appeared next to you, both of you could not fix this rusty heap.
Car (Wrecked Original Corvega) Fo Wreck 2.gif "This rusted piece of scrap-metal cannot be restored."
Car Fo Wreck 3.gif "You determine that this vehicle will never drive again. Really."
Car Fo Wreck 4.gif "This automobile is in terrible shape. You cannot think of a way to restore it."
Car Fo Wreck 5.gif "There is no way that this junkyard wannabe will ever drive again."
Motorcycle Motorcycle.png Placed against the surrounding wall of Junktown.
Truck Fo Wreck 6.gif "This diesel truck is beyond help. Way beyond help."
Truck Fo Wreck 7.gif "The ruined remains of a diesel truck. This hunk of metal will never move again.This diesel truck is beyond help. Way beyond help."
Highwayman (wrecked) FO2WreckedHighwayman.png "This Chrysalis Motors Highwayman looks to be in pretty good shape for its age." Only in Fallout 2
Nuka-Cola truck NukaColaTruck.png "You see an overturned truck in the distance" Nuka-Cola Truck (encounter)


Name Image Description Notes
Vertibird Fo2 Vertibird Clean 2.png Only in Fallout 2
Vertibird (crashed) Fo2 Vertibird crashed.png Only in Fallout 2
Crashed Federation Shuttle Fo2 Crashed Shuttle.png "A space vehicle of some kind. It looks like it crashed here recently." Only in Fallout 2


In Fallout 2, the Auto-Doc in the Professor's house in Broken Hills is called a Holo Generator, and is the only one in Fallout 2 to be named this. All other Auto-Docs are named correctly.