Fallout and Fallout 2 NPC armor and clothing is the clothing worn by non-player characters in Fallout and Fallout 2.

This list only includes outfits that can be used solely by NPCs. For outfits that are also available for the player character, see Fallout armor and clothing and Fallout 2 armor and clothing.


Unlike Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, but like Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, the player character in Fallout and Fallout 2 has limited playable armor and clothing. The majority of armor and clothing for non-player characters are unavailable, due to the extremely long work to include all the animation required for each weapon type.


Name Image Description
Black ghoul outfit Ghoul2 An outfit worn by standard ghouls.
Brown robe Robed The robe generally worn by hermits, bums and initiates of the Children of the Cathedral.
Citizen outfit FoModel Peasant An outfit mostly worn by standard citizens or mechanics.
Doctor outfit FoModel OldDoc An outfit worn by bad-reputation doctors and mostly of small-scale communities.
Dwarf outfit FoModel Dwarf The outfit worn by dwarves.
Elder robes Fo1 Elder An outfit worn by Elders
Farmer outfit Commonguy2 Commongirl2 An outfit mostly worn by farmers and small-scale community such as Modoc.
Kid outfit FoModel Child The outfit worn by kids.
Loser outfit FoModel Loser An outfit mostly worn by junkies and losers.
Red outfit FoModel BlackGuyRedShirt An outfit mostly worn by small gang members, dealers and thugs.
Scribe robes FoModel Brown robe An outfit worn by scribes and initiates
Super mutant clothing Super mutant The clothing generally worn by standard super mutants
Super mutant leather armor Super mutant2 The armor generally worn by important super mutants.
Super mutant metal armor Lieutenant2 The armor worn by the Lieutenant.
Torn old outfit FoModel WhiteBald The outfit worn by old people of small-scale communities.
Torn women clothing FoModel SkimpyGirl A clothing worn by women of small-scale communities and prostitutes.
Vault jumpsuit /
Vault City jumpsuit
Vdweller Fo1 Black VD FO1 overseer model FoModel Female VD SE FoModel Female VD red SE The outfit (jumpsuit) worn by vault dwellers and residents of Vault City.
Wastelander girl clothing FoModel StandardGirl A clothing mostly worn by women who manage an establishment or wastelanders.

Fallout 2Edit

Clothing worn by NPCs in Fallout 2, additional to the clothing from Fallout.

Name Image Description
Blue ghoul outfit FO2 Ghoul SE An alternative outfit for ghouls.
Bouncer outfit FO2 Bouncer model FO2 Bruiser model The outfit worn by the mafia bouncers & bruisers of New Reno.
Boxer outfit FoModel Boxer The outfit worn by the boxers of New Reno in the Jungle Gym.
Shi peasant outfit FO2 Shi citizen male SE FO2 Shi citizen female SE The outfit worn by San Francisco citizens.
Shi guard outfit FO2 Shi palace guard (Dragon) SEFO2 Shi palace guard (Lo Pan) SE The outfit worn by Steel Palace's palace guards.
Gray old outfit FO2 Vic model The outfit worn by old people like Vic.
Hubologist robes FO2 Hubologist model An outfit worn by Hubologists.
Joanne Lynette's jumpsuit FO2 Joanne Lynette model The jumpsuit worn by Joanne Lynette
Mordino Made Man outfit FO2 Mordino man 3 model An outfit worn by some of Big Jesus Mordino's Made Men
Myron's outfit FO2 Myron model The outfit worn by Myron
NCR police uniform Fo2 Police Officer NCR The uniform worn by the police officers of the NCR.
Nice lady outfit FoModel NiceLady The outfit worn by beautiful and refined women like Miss Kitty, Leslie Anne Bishop, or Vikki Goldman.
Red old outfit FoModel OldGuy The outfit worn by old people of high-scale community like Louis Salvatore or Roger Westin.
Scientist outfit /
Lab coat
FoModel NewDoc An outfit worn by Enclave scientists, and scientists & doctors of high-scale communities such as San Francisco.
Smoking / Suit FoModel UpClassCitizen An outfit worn by high-scale community and wealthy person.
Tribal outfit TribalFo2 female tribal model 2 The outfit worn by tribals.
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