so we have FO3, FO3OA, FO3TP, and FO3BS, but no FO3PL? -- 05:09, 24 June 2009 (UTC)... whoops, sorry, I (IkBenDeMan 05:12, 24 June 2009 (UTC)) wasn't signed in...

Shouldn't we put the stat templates here as well?

Please do so, I made a section for them but I don't remember their page names. Ausir 09:19, 19 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Ok, I did. But it doesn't look very good. Can someone check and find out how to get rid of all those "enters" I put in to avoid formatting problems?Dan 18:43, 19 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Good job on this, it'll be a very useful resource for future edits. Fez 00:25, 20 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Yeah, but I kind of hoped you could somehow make it look better by reducing the spaces... I thought I saw you did that once somewhere. Or maybe I'm wrong. Dan 07:55, 20 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Reduce the spaces? Do you mean the "invisible" spaces put in to the edit to keep the text looking nicely formatted and stop the tables running into the next section? Yeah I can sort that if you want. Fez 20:07, 20 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Rather than putting in lots of "enters", just put in <div style="clear: both" /> after the table and it shouldn't run on into the next section or push past the next header. It works out for style sheets and such. Fez 20:24, 20 Mar 2005 (GMT)

Looks great! Thanks. Dan 19:36, 21 Mar 2005 (GMT)

What in god's name is "semi-canon"? This pseudo-terminology is making my ears bleed. -- 15:05, 17 Aug 2005 (CEST)

I've seen the word used before. It's been used for stuff like Star Trek novels and other licensed stuff and spin-offs based on a franchise but not considered entirely canon by most fans. Ausir 23:52, 17 Aug 2005 (CEST)

Could we get some standardized Character Templates for each of the games? I'm rather new to the magic of wiki, so I'm not sure how to create them myself. For example, the character pages for Fallout seem a bit haphazard; Ian has an "Tell Me About" section, but Tycho does not, etc. (Banacheq 00:01, 15 January 2007 (EST))

Gentlemen, I believe it would be in our best interests to categorize our templates. Behold, I have found a perfect model of such template organization. --Darthfredd 16:31, 1 December 2007 (UTC)

IMHO the FOBOS-creature template should be phased out due to it being a matter of opinion. It can be fully replaced with the normal FOBOS template. Daesch 21:22, 16 May 2008 (UTC)

OK, I guess you're right. Ausir 23:56, 16 May 2008 (UTC)

I created a sort of template for the primary statistics, secondary statistics, and skills listing on Cassidy's page, if anyone wants to tweak that and add it to the list of templates here. 05:24, 18 November 2008 (UTC)

Page revamp

This page needs a revamp. I think we should definitely not have an example for every single template we have here - I was about to update it when I noticed that the new article management templates alone fill about 2 pages, not even mentioning the canonicity templates, or, even worse, all of the infoboxes. We'll have a page that spans 15+ screens on a standard resolution... Another small point in this regard is that having an example for the article management templates would place the page in just about every maintenance category which gets annoying after a bit.

I'd propose to have a small description of purpose and usage for each article management template and canonbox. Maybe link the {{mbox}} and {{canonbox}} templates directly with sample text so people can see what they look like. Same for the infoboxes - have one example, then list the others.

I'm up for doing it, I just want to hear people's opinions first since this will be quite a bit of work. // Porter21 U | T 13:58, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

We could have this as a page with more general and then The Vault:Infobox and The Vault:Article management templates etc. with more specific info. Ausir 18:26, 16 January 2009 (UTC)
Okay. I'll start with reworking this page, then we can see whether we still need sub-pages. I think that not having a visual example for each box is going to save enough space already - after all, the infoboxes (which have most usage info) are standardized which means certain fields are going to be available in all of them, i.e. you can probably summarize there a bit. // Porter21 U | T 19:32, 16 January 2009 (UTC)
Looks good! Could you also make a section on navbars? Ausir 13:10, 21 January 2009 (UTC)
I've made a first draft, I think the section would be better off in table format though - it's hard to group the navboxes in a good fashion, if they are in a table people can sort them as they need (by game/content etc). // Porter21 U | T 15:03, 21 January 2009 (UTC)
Revamp complete for now as far as I'm concerned. // Porter21 U | T 01:00, 27 January 2009 (UTC)

Character Template Edition

I think there should be a part of the character template for Fallout 3 that distinguishes an NPC as good, or evil. Yumnarer 01:05, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

Infobox template

Is there an infobox template for Containers and storage? I think containers should have their own, as they aren't necessarily misc items. --LL9 TalkToMe 04:25, April 23, 2011 (UTC)

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