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  • Users must have a registered account.
  • Users must have made at least one edit or discussions post prior to the start of the vote.


  • Ten (10) votes are required to meet quorum on all forum votes.
  • A simple majority is sufficient to pass.



The procedure for proposing new policies or changing existing ones is to create a topic in the Forum:Wiki discussion space. Once the discussion has led to a final draft, a vote will be called in the Forum:Wiki proposal votes space. In lieu of a discussion forum, minor policy addendums can be discussed at Meeting of the Minds. The vote must run for one week minimum.

User rights

Users meeting requirements and seeking additional user rights must write an application, posted to the "User rights requests" section of the forums. The title should follow the format "[Specific Rights] Request – [Username]." For example, "Content Moderator Request - Editor01." The content within the forum itself is at the discretion of the applicant but generally can describe strengths and outline past contributions. Below is a generic template that can be used for applications or examples can be sought from past forums.

For those user rights positions requiring an endorsement, the applicant can post their forum with a dedicated endorsement section. The endorsing staff member will follow behind, adding their statement and signature to the forum. Applications with unsigned endorsements cannot be passed. User rights forums should include a poll that runs for seven (7) days, or longer if needed.


All users must meet voting requirements to participate. Once the poll timeframe expires, a bureaucrat will protect the forum, prohibiting further voting, and confirm the outcome via the "results" section. If the forum is successful, bureaucrats will carry out the necessary steps to grant rights, implement policies, and/or complete applicable updates. For user rights applications, regardless of the outcome, bureaucrats are expected to communicate results with the applicant in a timely manner.

Policy-Forum Overview
Date and Result 2021 Nov 17 · 12-2-0
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