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The Van Buren Quotation Blitz is a project which aims add quotes to Van Buren articles, and encourage newer users to get involved with editing the wiki.

Make sure you've read the page before starting... As I'm trying something a bit different to regular projects.


The Goals of the project are twofold:

First Goal: Wiki Work
  • On the most practical level the project will scan through the Van Buren dialogue files. It will identify which characters have a dialogue file and no quote on their character page; identify characters who are discussed in dialogue files (but do not have one of their own); identify places and items which are discussed in the dialogue files.
  • There are 41 Dialogue files of various sizes to be examined, 38 from the main game, and 3 from the tech demo.
  • Although I will be suggesting this to some low users I think may be interested, anyone is welcome to join.
Second Goal: Encouraging Participation
  • The hope is to get new users involved by taking a small, but important chunk of work that doesn't require super leet skills to complete, and getting it done./
  • We're running at a specific time, so people who are unsure will have help on hand if they have difficulty.


  • I'm planning on starting this project at 1500 BST (GMT+1) on 27 April 2012 with willing low-edit users who are looking for some experience.
  • We'll meet up in chat at that time, split the dialogue files between us, and discuss our findings.
  • Immediate help will be at hand if required - no need to feel shy.
  • The goal is, through teamwork to finish this project by the end of the day.
  • If the participants find it helpful, I might try to arrange similar projects in the future


To participate, simply add your name below using * ~~~. Place every participant on a new line.


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