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The Third-Person Project is a project that aims to convert all appropriate Nukapedia articles to third-person; the main goal is to remove second-person from gameplay-related pages.


- All articles, which will be listed below

- This forum contains the prelude to this project; helpful information can be accessed there.


Every week, a list of 297 articles will be posted via a link in the "Progress table." Each link will be titled "Week X." The link will take you to the list of articles, and every page there must be completed (if needed) in order for that week to be completed. See the table and "Guidelines" section for more details.


In accordance with the following policy...

"Contributions should only use third-person (i.e. "the player character" not "this editor"). For example, it is proper to use: "Courier," "Lone Wanderer," "Warrior," "Vault Dweller," "Chosen One," "Sole Survivor," "they," "one," and similar, while it's improper to use: "I,' "we", "you," and each of their variations. 'The player character' may be used, but only in its proper third-person context. Keep first-person and second-person sentences out of articles. Talking about your own experiences in a familiar way should be kept to the discussion pages.

Notable exceptions to this rule are as follows:
-Bugs sections
-In-game quotes/Developer commentary

... third-person should be used when referring to any player character from any game. Please use your discretion combined with the following guidelines:

Yes Do Use No Do Not Use
* "Player character"
* Common third-person pronouns
* "One" when not specifically referring to the player character
* "Player"
* Common second-person pronouns
* "One" when referring to the player character
* "Singular they"
  • Note: "Player" can be used when directly referring to the player not the player character.
  • Note: Do not make an effort to change second-person in an article's "Bugs" section.


To participate, simply add your name below using {{userlink|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line.


Please click on the appropriate week. When a week is complete, a green check (Yes) will be placed next to the week's link. To place a check, type {{Yes}} next to a link-- but only when the week is over and every page listed has undergone the necessary changes.

Note: the "Week 1" completed half way; it can be worked on now, but it will be another day before the chart is complete.

Progress Table
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Week 1