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The following are mentor guidelines for The Vault Academy.



While it's not mandatory, mentors are expected to accomplish the same milestones that they assign their mentees. The amount of work mentors mirror will be considered during the auditing process, taking into account if a mentor has multiple mentees simultaneously.

Final exam

Once a program comes to a close, it must be concluded with a comprehensive final exam that covers all content taught through the duration of the program. The exam format is at the discretion of the mentor and can vary from standard tests to projects. Once completed, there will be a short audit performed be other fellow mentors to make sure that the lessons are valid, and then a graduation ceremony where the mentee will be awarded their new certificate completion.


Progress reports

Mentors must provide at minimum four progress reports on the wiki (preferably on the mentee's talk-page) leading up to their mentee's final exam, offering any applicable guidance for each milestone completed. Mentees should be instructed to maintain a sandbox to document all of their TVA milestone progress.

Discord and talk pages

While discussion on the wiki itself is important and highly encouraged, Discord also provides a convenient avenue for keeping up with mentees. As such, all mentors are expected to remain on Discord (although not required to be on any specific server, including the Nukapedia server) so long as their mentee request it. Any mentor that is unable or unwilling to remain on Discord to accommodate their mentee might be audited depending on the circumstances involved. It should be reiterated upon, however, that TVA interactions should be primarily held on the wiki for the sake of transparency.

Program duration

The duration of a program must last a minimum of one month, although mentees are allowed to complete milestones on their own time. If at any time a mentor is unable to continue to work with their mentee, they can identify a replacement mentor. The mentee must agree to the replacement mentor suggested, and it is up to the exiting mentor to facilitate the transition.

Mentor/mentee matches

Change requests

If at any time a mentee requests a new mentor, their wishes must be respected regardless of the reason given. They will then be given a pool of active mentors to choose from, although it should be noted that dropping a mentor may result in a waiting period should there be no alternative mentors currently available.

Seeking mentees

There's always the chance that a mentee will sign up on their own, or that another mentor will find one and send them your way. But the general rule is to never assume that someone will find a mentee for you, as it is considered part of your job to seek out potential mentees as well.

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