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Nukapedia is made up of many types of pages or articles and today we will learn how they are organized on a broad scale.

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Each page on the wiki belongs to a group called a namespace, a type of page and collection of pages with similar purposes. The namespace of a page is indicated by the word preceding the colon in the page title. For example, "Talk: Render Unto Caesar" is a page in the "talk" namespace. If there is no prefix and colon, the page belongs to the "main" namespace, or "mainspace, " which is where are the Fallout related content/pages/articles can be found, added, and improved.

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Some of the namespaces are seen less frequently by editors but keep the wiki running smoothly in a nice, tidy way behind the scenes. A list of common namespaces include those below.

Prefix Information Examples
Main Informational content of the wiki, all the content articles. It is the default namespace and does not use a prefix.
User The user namespace has a user's profile page, talk page, shows contributions, and can be personalized as an "about me" space.
File Pages in this namespace are primarily images that appear in articles. The "File:" prefix is usually hidden except when in edit mode.
Talk Articles have associated talk pages, used to discuss suggested changes and improvements. The talk namespaces are designated by adding "Talk:" to the normal prefix. For main articles, it will display as "Talk:Name of article." For users, it is a way that we can communicate with one another, and talk pages display as "User talk:Name of user."
Category This namespace is used to group similar articles and files together. Each article and namespace page should belong to at least one category. The "Category:" prefix is usually hidden except when in edit mode.

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Now that we have an introduction to the types of namespaces are on the wiki, we can focus on how they are organized. I should mention that the words "article" and "page" are used interchangeably for the most part. The way I think of it is that every single place you can click on Nukapedia leads to a "page" but only those with in-game content on the mainspace are "articles." Other editors may refer to things differently, but for the purposes of these lessons, you are now in the know.

Each article will have generally have the same sections in the same order, depending on what kind it is - for example, character, locations, or quest articles will have slightly different sections because they cover different information. You will start to notice the order of the sections based on what type of article just by experience, but below is the general guideline of what order the sections should appear.

General section order
Navigation templates
Lead section/introduction
Behind the scenes
See also

To read more details on specific types of articles and to review the formal policies, you can read the guidelines here at any time. But for our purposes, what we review in this lesson shall suffice for now.

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Follow the image below to take the quiz.


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