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Welcome to the Vault Academy general editing program, a series of guided lessons. I am glad you are here at Nukapedia and interested in learning more about editing. I hope these lessons will help making editing more fun, efficient, and fulfilling for you.

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The first lesson is to read the following. I want to encourage you to think about our purpose, why you and I are here, among our editing peers and millions of viewers each week. We all love Fallout and want to make sure all the information possible is available to everyone, in an easily accessible and understandable format.

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The wiki is based on the idea that all of us when combined have a wider breadth of knowledge than any one person individually. In addition, since our subject matter is fictional, we all contribute different viewpoints and experiences with the games and related information. Blending these varied understandings together is what creates a thorough and solid base of knowledge and strengthens our community.

The wiki belongs to everyone and is owned by no one.L84tea
Our work today is built on the legacy and effort of those who have come before us, many that are only names in an edit history, but important to acknowledge, remember, and appreciate as we continue onward.

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Assume good faith Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png

A common sentiment here and across the wikis and for good reason. It means that we should always give the benefit of the doubt with other editors and assume the work they do is to help and not to hurt. The first interactions with new users are the only chance we have to make a good impression and encourage them to continue.

If you notice a mistake has been made, it is a teaching opportunity. Everyone has to have a first day, and taking the time to explain what they did wrong so they can learn and feel encouraged at the same time is beyond important. I remember my first day and how kind the editors were to me, despite my errors. I still make mistakes and ask questions, every day. No shame in it at all.

Even if you are new, there will always be someone even newer, and we should be patient with them. Newcomers will be unfamiliar with the guidelines, but are excited to join in and help. The policy pages will not make sense to them at that moment, even if they do read them. It is our job to guide them in a kind way and give them a chance to learn. On the flip side, if you see someone making a lot of progress, consider sending a compliment their way to keep them energized.

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Ask questions Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png

Always feel comfortable asking questions, no matter what. It is good to be both confident and learn from those more experienced. No one will be upset or think less of you for asking. Remember that it is ok to be wrong or not to know the answer to something. I am wrong a lot, I don't know things a lot, and I ask questions a lot, and this is all ok. Being receptive and approachable is more important than being correct.

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You may see this symbol around the lessons, it means that it navigates to a quiz. We don't have a quiz for lesson one, don't worry. After each lesson, if you have questions or something looks amiss, feel free to contact me. It is not necessary to let me know before moving to the next lesson or quiz, but know I am open at all times to clarify anything for you or provide more information on a topic.

So you can feel free to move to lesson two at your leisure. Welcome again to the Vault Academy!

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