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We have learned about namespaces and how articles are organized. Now we will look at how to use user and talk pages, which are commonly used by editors to communicate with one another.

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User pages, or your profile, is a place that you can add fun things to express yourself. The possibilities are limitless. You can choose a profile picture, add info about yourself, and personalize the main section of the page. It will show your name at the top (which you can change, but only one time).

The only things you should not do are add anything inappropriate, impersonate someone else, or post something that looks like an article. As we move along, you will learn about images and code, which can be used to spruce up your user page, too. By typing "user:" and then a user name in the search bar, you can take a look at anyone's page for inspiration.

Just remember, you can click "edit" on someone else's user page to see (and copy) their code, but do not make any changes to anyone's page. Your own user page can be found in the same way, typing user:yournamehere or by clicking on the icon next to the search bar.

If you want to change the header of your user page, you can use the following code to do so, replacing my example message with one of your choice. We will go over other options for user page additions in the lessons ahead.
Header code
{{DISPLAYTITLE:''howdy, i'm kdarrow!''}}

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Before we look into talk pages, we must learn about signatures. Every user can use four tildes (~~~~) to automatically add their user name, date, and time, or "signature." You should always use this method to "sign" your talk page messages, forum posts, and votes.

You can type three (~~~) to leave just your name without the date and time. Five tildes will leave only the date and time (used in templates, more on that later).

To personalize your signature, you can change it under "my preferences." Make sure any images are not taller than 35px. The wiki text is not required, but optional if you'd like. Below is my signature's wiki text, so you can see how it looks in the html and final forms. You can use it as a template, copy it and personalize it to your liking if you would like a starting point.
Entry Code Result
-[[User:kdarrow|<font color="black">'''''kdarrow'''''</font>]] [[File:Pickman heart.png|20px|link=User talk:kdarrow]]  <sup><i>take her for a spin!</i></sup> 13:47, October 23, 2077 (UTC)
-kdarrow Pickman heart.png take her for a spin! 13:46, October 23, 2077 (UTC)

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Talk page Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png

Talk pages serve as message walls, where users can leave comments for you, and you can leave messages for them. You should not delete anything from your talk page, or the talk page of others because administrators need easy access to these page's histories at times. You can make minor formatting fixes.

Exception: If someone leaves something abusive or hateful on your talk page or the talk page of someone else, delete it, and contact an administrator right away. We will handle the next steps.

Talk page comments are formatted with a subheader title, then the comment below, and ends with a user's signature. To reply, users can navigate to the other user's talk page to leave a reply. In the signature example above, the heart of my signature links to my talk page for conveinience. A lot of users do this, but if not, you can always search for a user's talk page by typing "User talk:theirnamehere" in the search bar. Leave new messages at the bottom.

If the conversation goes back and forth, users will indent their subsequent replies with a colon. Two colons will indent it further, and so on, as seen in the example below.
Code Description
==Welcome to TVA==
Thank you for your interest in the Vault Academy, stay tuned for an update from your mentor. ~~~~
: Yes, it will be a great time and we are glad to have you aboard! ~~~~

Subheader title

First message

Subsequent message


Welcome to TVA

Thank you for your interest in the Vault Academy, stay tuned for an update from your mentor. -kdarrow Pickman heart.png take her for a spin! 13:45, 23 Oct 2077 (UTC)

Yes, it will be a great time and we are glad to have you aboard! -kdarrow Pickman heart.png take her for a spin! 13:46, 23 Oct 2077 (UTC)

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Follow the image below to take the quiz.


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