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There are a few templates that aid in page management including those designed to help editors keep articles nice and tidy, and others that are just for fun. For this lesson, we will learn about these templates and provide examples of how they work and when they are used.

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Delete Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png

If you want to suggest something for deletion, you can write {{delete}} which will automatically add it to a category for admins and content moderators to handle.


Mbox delete.png
Nominated for deletion (reason: Reason why this article should be deleted)
If you disagree with this page's deletion, please explain why on its talk page. If it is obvious that this page should not be deleted, or if you intend to improve it, please remove this template, but do not remove it from articles that you have created yourself.
In cases of vandalism, it is appropriate for any user to blank the page, add a delete template, and contact an admin or co-mod for help in removing it.

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Under construction Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png

If you are working on an article, add the {{under construction}} template to the top with your user name as followed. That way, other editors will know that you are making large additions or changes, and will not edit it. If you wish to work on an article, check the history of an article (in the edit button drop down) to see when the last edit was. Message that editor using Discord or talk page to inquire as to if they are still working on it. Chances are they forgot to remove the template.

{{under construction|kdarrow}}

Mbox default.png
Under construction (kdarrow)
This page is currently undergoing restructuring. It may be edited frequently and some items may appear differently.

Note - It is considered rude and unbecoming to edit a page that has this template without communicating with your fellow editor first and I want to make it clear to my mentees that you should never do so. If another editor ignores your under construction template, let me know.

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Linkable Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png

A template named {{linkable}} is used for an item or subject that does not have its own article, but you want to call attention to it in another article, or have it show up in search.

{{linkable|Kate Darrow's secret long johns}}
A good example of this is in the roadway articles, such as Fallout 76 roadways. If you type the name of one of the linkable streets, it will point you to the roadway article it is mentioned in. This is used to point towards things that do not have enough content to justify their own article or will have an article in the future but you do not want to leave a red link. A red link is a link to an article that does not exist, and due to its abrasive ugliness should be avoided, by using the linkable template!

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Userboxes Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png

Userboxes are examples of templates that are just for fun. They are little rectangles that explain a little tidbit about yourself, for use on your user page. Some have been pre-made, or you can make your own.


The community has created a bunch of pre-made templates that you can find in this category. Just copy and paste into your user page.

Vault Academy specific
Userbox Code Userbox Code
Icon Institute FO4.pngThis user is an official Vault Academy mentor.
{{User Vault Academy mentor}}
Babylon playericon doctorbaby.pngThis user is a new mentee in the Vault Academy.
{{User Vault Academy new mentee}}
Babylon playericon comic 06.pngThis user is a graduate of the Vault Academy general editing program.
{{User Vault Academy gen ed grad}}
Icon Institute FO4.pngThis user is enrolled in the Vault Academy.
{{User Vault Academy}}
Babylon playericon comic 62.pngThis user is a graduate of the Vault Academy technical editing program.
{{User Vault Academy tech grad}}
Babylon playericon comic 07.pngThis user is a graduate of the Vault Academy community program.
{{User Vault Academy comm grad}}
Babylon playericon comic 20.pngThis user is a graduate of the Vault Academy leadership program.
{{User Vault Academy leader grad}}
Icon Institute FO4.pngThis user is a successful graduate of the Vault Academy.
{{User Vault Academy graduate}}
FO76 Atomic Shop Buzzed player icon.pngThis user is a Vault Academy dropout.
{{User Vault Academy dropout}}

Making your own

The userbox template exists to be able to make templates that fit your personality perfectly. For the image, you can choose anything you see on the wiki image-wise. My favorite are on the Fallout 3 and New Vegas miscellaneous world objects article, but any image will work. The template has more options, colors, choices to look through, but here is the basic one to work with.

Wiki.pngThis user loves their Vault Academy mentor!
|left image  =Wiki.png
|middle text =This user loves their Vault Academy mentor! 

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Quiz Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png


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