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Nukapedia utilizes several templates, a foundational part of every wiki, and hard work by editors of the past and present have spoiled us, in that these templates hold the wiki together and work (darn near) seamlessly behind the scenes. For this lesson, we will learn about a few simple and helpful templates to give an idea how they work.

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Icons have various meanings on the wiki. Mostly they are used to describe little photos that are seen in the Pip Boy or Atomic Shop. For us, we will look at a different version of tiny little photos that are used throughout the wiki to convey a message in a simplified way.

A template is written using curly brackets, two on each side like {{this}}. You may notice that at the top of articles, you see little game icons, showing what game the article's content is from. For example, if you wanted to know what games have dice, one place you can look is in the upper right hand corner, where you can see all the game icons.

Within articles, sometimes game icons are used to show when an item appears in a DLC or update instead of the main game. For articles that have items appearing in many games, the icons will show you which game the item can be found in, such as seen in the water tower article.

To make an icon, you can use the abbreviations from the table below along with the template code {{Icon|Abbreviation}}, so it looks like {{Icon|FO76}} for Fallout 76 or {{Icon|FO76NW}} for Nuclear Winter. Several icons can be listed, separated by a vertical line like we learned to do with links, which looks like {{Games|FNV|FO76}}.

Frequently used icons

There are a lot of icons. You don't have to memorize them all, as you will see them in your editing and memorize them just by how often you see them! Some icons need the {{icon| before it, some don't. If it does not work, try the other way.

Template Result
{{Icon|cut}} Cut content
{{Icon|dead}} Dead
{{unused}} Fallout 76 unused content
{{Icon|yes}} Yes
{{Icon|no}} No
{{Icon|atom}} Atom
{{Icon|mentioned}} Mentioned
{{removed}} Fallout 76 removed content

Icon formatting

You can format the link of game abbreviation icons in a few different ways. If you want to remove the link to the image, basically make it un-click-able, add the following to the end.


See how it can't be clicked below? Righteous!

Fallout: New Vegas

The opposite can also be done, in that you can add a link to an icon. Let's say you want to link to the update page or a game-specific list of items. Well, you can! Just do the following.

{{icon|FO4FH|link=Far Harbor (add-on)}}
Far Harbor (add-on)

By clicking on that one, it will take you to the desired article. And a third thing you can do is control the size of the icon, to tweak formatting if something isn't fitting quite right. I recommend leaving this out unless you are having that issue since the icons are set to a default size across the site. Changing the size via a link can be done with or without the options above. In other words, you can also remove or add a destination for the icon alongside making it bigger or smaller.

{{icon|caps|20px|link=Bottlecap (Fallout 76)}}
Bottlecap (Fallout 76)
{{icon|caps|15px|link=Bottlecap (Fallout 76)}}
Bottlecap (Fallout 76)
{{icon|caps|10px|link=Bottlecap (Fallout 76)}}
Bottlecap (Fallout 76)

One special type of icon is used on Atomic Shop content for Fallout 76, which is the atom icon template. You can use it to express the cost in atoms by writing it like this:

250 Atom

So in a sentence, it would read:

Kate's Marshmallow Gauntlets can be purchased for {{atom|250}}.
Kate's Marshmallow Gauntlets can be purchased for 250 Atom.

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Behind the scenes Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png

Many articles have a behind the scenes section, which has cut content, cultural references, or obvious direct visual or textual correlations from something in the real world to the article's content.

We use a behind the scenes template whenever it is necessary to make readers aware of the source outside of an obvious reference or developer source. When in doubt, adding the template will not hurt. More information on making this determination can be found here. The template can be placed at the beginning and end of the content in question.

{{Behind the scenes}}
The dog character Kate in ''Fallout 4'' is based on Kate Darrow.
{{Behind the scenes|end}}

Looks like:

FB8 deco 301 color.pngThe following is based on unverified behind the scenes information and may be inaccurate.
  • The dog character Kate in Fallout 4 is based on Kate Darrow.
FB8 deco 301 color.pngEnd of information based on unverified behind the scenes information.
Linking in BTS section

If a valid connection can be made, it is ok to use Wikipedia links or interwiki links in the BTS section to point readers to the real world or otherwise referenced content. Wikipedia and interwiki (which just means linked to another Fandom wiki) should only be used in the BTS section, though.

The reason for this is that if we add Wikipedia links to our background sections, it will show up as a regular blue link to those who are reading. They may think "oh wow, I never knew Fallout referenced this before!" and then will be taken away from our site when they did not intend to. We want to keep people on our site. Also, for editors, seeing a word that is not linked may allow a light bulb to go off in their head because it shows there is an opportunity to write a new article. We are a Fallout wiki, so what we cover and write about should be Fallout information only, and allowing for a short and concise link to real world information in the BTS section only.

To link to a Wikipedia article, use this format:

[[wikipedia:Ron Perlman|Ron Perlman]]
becomes = Ron Perlman

For interwiki links, use this format:

becomes = Odyssey

Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png Quotation Fo1 VaultTecLogo.png

A template to add quotes to the top of articles, where a character or other source text mentions the topic by name. They can also be used at the top of user pages. Here is an example that always gives me a chuckle.

{{Quotation|What's a Chicago?|[[Courier|Courier Six]]}}

What's a Chicago?Courier Six

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