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Following total atomic annihilation, the rebuilding of this great wiki of ours may fall to you. That’s why Kate-Tec has prepared this educational series for you to better understand the several defining attributes that make you S.P.E.C.I.A.L!


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The Vault Academy general editing program will introduce you to the basics of editing and allow you to practice in a relaxed environment at your own pace with no deadlines. The program also provides opportunities to meet other editors and experience each part of the community as you progress.

Lessons are brief, show some examples of the content, and sometimes end with a short quiz or task to accomplish. When all the lessons are complete, graduates will have a good foundation of knowledge and a solid support system to help them succeed in the future.

After all lessons are complete, mentees will be awarded a diploma and a place of honor among their peers in the esteemed Vault Academy Graduation Hall.


My name is Kdarrow, or Kate, and I am excited to help facilitate your progress through the program. I serve Nukapedia as a bureaucrat, lead the Vault Academy, and provide mentorship in each of its programs. I have a good deal of experience editing across Fandom and love it, but my number one interest is working with and helping new editors learn, develop a good foundation of knowledge, and gain confidence.

My level of interaction during your progress is completely up to you. The entire program can be done on your own, you can ask me questions as needed, we can complete the lessons together, or anything in between. We can chat via my talk page or through the Dataminer or Nukapedia Discord (kdarrow#2077). Please direct message or ping me anytime and know that you can feel comfortable asking me any type or number of questions. I am here to support you and I am happy for the opportunity.

General editing curriculum

The curriculum for the general editing program is below. Each lesson save the first has an associated quiz. Remember to use your own answer recording page. And any questions, please feel free to ask. Want to work autonomously? Totally fine, you can move from lesson to lesson in any order at your leisure.

So without further ado, you will find all the lessons below if you would like to dive in or just take a look. In any case, on behalf of myself and the Vault Academy, welcome!

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