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The Vault Academy (TVA)
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Welcome, fellow Vault Dwellers, to The Vault Academy; a re-branding of the now-retired New User Network. At the academy, wiki users, both new and veteran, will have the opportunity to form bonds with each other and learn valuable skills at the same time.

If you've got the passion and drive, training programs are available, awarding certifications to those that pass, and can open the doors to additional tools.

How to joinEdit

Interested in receiving Academy-approved training? Just contact a mentor listed below or, if you're a bit shy, add yourself to the mentee table and a mentor will contact you instead.

If you already have the know-how, you can sign up to be a wagoner or mentor below. There will be a short audit, but once you've been cleared we will set you right up.

Welcome WagonEdit

Icon Jewel of the Commonwealth

After a new user has made their first edit, they will automatically receive a welcome message on their talk page, providing various helpful links and bits of information to push them in the right direction. But the wiki is a massive encyclopedia, controlled by extensive regulation and community consensus, which can be confusing and overwhelming to users that have just joined.

So what is a new user's incentive to figure out what tools they have at their disposal, or who to even talk to for help? For a large portion of our new users, the welcome message simply isn't enough to keep members of our community from being too intimidated to continue contributing.

To alleviate this issue with a more personal touch, the academy consists of the Welcome Wagon, a team of knowledgeable users that will seek out new users, providing themselves as a resource, and welcome them to the team. Feel free to contact any of the wagoners below with any questions you may have.


Welcome Wagon Team Times available Specializations Active
Old Man Leon (talk · contribs) EST 11:00-4:00 (Tue, Thu-Sun) / All day Mon & Wed Editing, policies, guidelines, community content Icon check
Devastating Dave-fduser (talk · contribs) Varies, but can chat most times of the day Editing, content creation, referencing, templates Icon check
DankalorYT (talk · contribs) Varies, I'm on EST and can go from 10 AM - 2 AM on average Editing, content creation, media, formatting Icon check
Jgrsoto (talk · contribs) GMT -4:00 San Juan | Disponabilty varies Editing, policies, guidelines, Discord Icon check
Kdarrow (talk · contribs) GMT -7:00 PST Nevada, contact me anytime Editing, format, templates Icon check

Specialized training programsEdit

Icon Call to Arms

Just like in Fallout with your Psycho-ingesting cowboys or your beer-swilling super sledge berserkers, our users are going to have different approaches to the wiki, and will prefer certain aspects over others. Some users are going to prefer editing, while others are going to prefer commenting on and even creating social content, while some will even participate in every little thing that they can stick their radioactive thumbs into.

The academy recognizes all aspects of contributing, and as such, our training programs will cater to each facet of the wiki with trainers specializing in one or even multiple different schools of training.

General editingEdit

A new user's first few days of editing are going to be some of their most intimidating. Between all of the rules that help keep this wiki functioning, and the recent changes being well-scrutinized by more veteran editors, it can be easy to become discouraged. As such, our general editing trainers will be tasked with seeking out potential editors and providing a training regiment that will set them up for future success by learning the fundamentals:

  • Article formatting
  • Capitalization and point of view
  • Article and image categorization
  • Basic templates
  • Proper linkage and typography
  • Notable loot and bugs

Technical editingEdit

Similar to our general editing trainers, our wiki is consistently in dire need of more technical-minded users that can understand and efficiently create and/or modify existing templates and portals. Upon recognizing such a user, it is imperative to introduce them to an environment that allows them to freely experiment and suggest changes. Technical fundamentals include:

  • Creating and maintaining both a template and its respective /doc page
  • Successfully creating a new portal page
  • Proper template categorization
  • Creating a multi-faceted template that requires calling upon sub-templates
  • Learning how to modify the existing wiki CSS/JS, as well as learning how to create your own personal CSS/JS


Leadership is more than just meeting requirements, it's also about knowing the community that you wish to represent, and being able to foster a healthy and friendly environment. Leadership fundamentals include:

  • Successfully defusing and resolving a domestic dispute.
  • Participating as either a project lead or as a TVA trainer.
  • Creating and successfully seeing through both discussions and voting fora for changes around the wiki.
  • Using edit summaries consistently to succinctly explain your actions, and reliably using the Minor Edit option for maintenance/minimal edits.
  • Reliably instructing users, without condescension, on how to improve upon their editorial or social contributions in a non-trainer environment.


  • Discussions: /d is a quickly-growing social medium found across the Fandom network, instilling a casual and fast-paced environment for those looking to meet fellow Fallout fans. Trainers for this aspect of the wiki will teach our /d users how to create high-quality posts, how to prepare for upcoming changes to the /d platform, and the knowledge they'll need should they ever wish to help moderate and lead their newly acquired friends as a Discussions Moderator.
  • Discord: Another social medium for the Fallout wiki, our official Discord servers are where our users can gather around and talk freely, without the normal constraints of the main-space wiki. Trainers for this aspect of the wiki are tasked with making chatters feel welcome, seeking feedback from the Discord community on how to improve upon the experience, and helping to train those looking to become chat moderators.

Mentors and menteesEdit


Mentor Mentee Program specializations Active
Old Man Leon Kdarrow (General editing)

New California Ahoy (General editing)

General editing, Discord, leadership Icon check
DankalorYT Todoedits (General editing) General editing, Discord Icon check
TheLaatSurvivor Looking for mentee Discord, discussions, leadership Icon check
Kdarrow Isis The Masked Dragon (General editing)

Gilpo1 (General editing)
Eckserah (General editing)

General editing Icon check
The Dyre Wolf intrepid359 (General editing) Discussions, general editing Icon check


Sign here if you're looking for a mentor Which programs are you interested in? Has a mentor taken you up yet?
Kdarrow General editing Icon check
Todoedits General & technical editing Icon check
New California Ahoy General & technical editing Icon check
Intrepid359 General & technical editing, leadership Icon check
Isis The Masked Dragon General & technical editing, leadership Icon check
Gilpo1 General editing Icon check
Eckserah General editing Icon check

Future rights holdersEdit

Icon Mankind Redefined

As it currently stands, users may run for various rights positions once the pre-requisites have been met, as noted in the admin policy. As such, the lessons within the various training programs will prepare individuals by focusing on the skills needed to succeed as a special rights user in the future. A TVA certificate can also be used to support one's rights requests.

  • General editing will teach essential skills needed for all rights users, and specifically for those wishing to become patrollers and content moderators.
  • Technical editing contains an important skill set for those interested in becoming content moderators and administrators.
  • The social program involves developing the advanced toolset needed for success as a chat moderator or discussion moderator.
  • The leadership program can provide an important foundation for those with aspirations of becoming administrators.

Vault Academy graduatesEdit

FO76NW Atomic Shop - VTU diploma

Congratulations! In order of graduation:

Mentee Mentor Graduation date
Findabair (talk · contribs) Kdarrow (talk · contribs) 09-29-2020
JCB2077 (talk · contribs) Kdarrow (talk · contribs) 09-29-2020

SNM incentives (WIP)Edit


The Strategic Nuclear Moose is a wiki feature tailored towards improving community relations and offers rewards for those that put forth the effort. Simply contribute to TVA, and you will progressively unlock new milestones and rewards, recognizing all contributions to both the academy and the wiki it represents.

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