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Welcome, fellow Vault Dwellers, to the Vault Academy, proud subsidiary of the New User Network. At the Vault Academy, wiki users, both new and veteran, will have the opportunity to form bonds with each other and learn valuable skills at the same time.

Jumping into a wiki can be intimidating, so the programs aim to provide a stress-free environment in which users can learn the basics, former users can brush up on current format norms, and overall provide a training regiment that will set editors up for future success. No program is a prerequisite for another, but a general understanding of editing is beneficial before entering any program other than general editing. Users can join multiple programs at the same time, and there are no time requirements or deadlines.

Please note: The TVA is currently undergoing renovations! We thank you for your patience.

TVA Background GE
General editing fundamentals are of the utmost importance from one's first edit onwards. Are you brand new to the wiki? General editing is a great place to start, and associated lessons will introduce mentees to the other parts of the community and other applicable training opportunities.

TVA Background AE
Advanced editing is designed for editors who have a foundational understanding of basic editing, by way of the general editing program or previous experience. The program includes a detailed review of how templates are constructed, how the wiki is maintained, and tools we can use to automate repetitive processes.

TVA Background TE
Technical editing is designed for editors who have a foundational understanding of advanced editing, by way of the advanced editing program or previous experience. Lessons are based on finding, extracting, and adding game file information as well as templating and formatting skills.

TVA Background CM

Chat moderation focuses on the skills necessary to thrive in the social aspect of our community, via our Discord server. Mentees will learn the structure of the Discord, guidelines that dictate user conduct, as well as skills in navigating conflict, fostering a positive culture, and offers hands on practice with bot commands.

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Mentors and mentees[]

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The current class roster, including links to quiz answer pages, is found here.

Current Mentors Class
General Editing
Programs Current mentees
General editing TigerSteeve

Hall of Graduation[]

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The following mentees have successfully completed their particular courses of study and have been awarded their program's respective diploma. These graduates have been inducted into the Vault Academy Hall of Graduation as a symbol of their hard work and accomplishment. We are very proud and excited to present the following graduates in order of commencement date.

Mentee Mentor Program Graduation date
Findabair Kdarrow General editing 09-29-2020
JCB2077 Kdarrow General editing 09-29-2020
Todoedits DankalorYT General editing 11-07-2020
Eckserah Kdarrow General editing 01-02-2021
Hellotalos Kdarrow General editing 03-19-2021
ORDVAC Kdarrow General editing 04-14-2021
Kdarrow FDekker Technical editing 04-20-2021
Kdarrow Old Man Leon General editing 04-20-2021
Gilpo1 Kdarrow General editing 05-22-2021
Katy Webb Kdarrow General editing 06-01-2021
Darrowdeo Kdarrow General editing 06-01-2021
The Appalachian Kdarrow General editing 06-16-2021
Eckserah Kdarrow Chat moderation 06-16-2021
Katy Webb The Dyre Wolf Chat moderation 06-16-2021
NotAlex123 Kdarrow General editing 06-20-2021
Scribe-Howard Kdarrow General editing 06-20-2021
Bowndarrow Kdarrow General editing 09-04-2021
FreshYoMama Kdarrow General editing 10-09-2021, 02-08-2022
Arcaneous Kdarrow General editing 11-11-2021
FreshYoMama Kdarrow Chat moderation 12-24-2021
bow&darrow Kdarrow Chat moderation 12-24-2021
Rurin Gas Kdarrow Chat moderation 1-10-2022
Arcaneous Kdarrow Chat moderation 1-10-2022
Zealous Champion Kdarrow Chat moderation 1-30-2022
Rubbinmahbelly Kdarrow Chat moderation 1-30-2022
Rubbinmahbelly Kdarrow Technical editing 2-11-2022
Rubbinmahbelly Kdarrow General editing 2-27-2022
Daughters of Coldharbour Kdarrow, FreshYoMama (finalization) General Editing 1-9-2023


Copy and paste any of these on to your user page to proudly rep your alma mater!
Userbox Code Userbox Code
Babylon playericon comic 18This user is an official Vault Academy mentor.
{{User Vault Academy mentor}}
Babylon playericon doctorbabyThis user is a new mentee in the Vault Academy.
{{User Vault Academy new mentee}}
Babylon playericon comic 06This user is a graduate of the Vault Academy general editing program.
{{User Vault Academy gen ed grad}}
Atx playericon vaultboy pipThis user is enrolled in the Vault Academy.
{{User Vault Academy}}
Babylon playericon comic 62This user is a graduate of the Vault Academy technical editing program.
{{User Vault Academy tech grad}}
Babylon playericon comic 07This user is a graduate of the Vault Academy chat moderation program.
{{User Vault Academy chat grad}}
FO76 Atomic Shop Buzzed player iconThis user is a Vault Academy dropout.
{{User Vault Academy dropout}}
Atx playericon vaultboy 16This user is a successful graduate of the Vault Academy.
{{User Vault Academy graduate}}

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