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Template HQ is an ongoing quality assurance initiative that serves as the central hub for Nukapedia template maintenance and implementation.

Fallout Wiki:Template HQ


This project is ongoing with a specialized scope, focused on the review, vetting, and approval of new templates and their documentation pages. The project also serves to provide a centralized location for submitting requests for assistance from technical or datamineditors as well as for workspaces dedicated to review/approval/changelogs, template testing, and works in progress.

Front-facing rollout and the most up to date information is available via the template overview page. This page is where project team members maintain a comprehensive list of templates used throughout Nukapedia, updated as needed when templates are created, replaced, or retired.

Current plans[]

  • Split infoboxes based on games (based on the portable infobox best practices):
    • List all current infoboxes that we have and what games have been split off.
    • Start with the creation of Fallout 76 specific infoboxes.
    • Update all the article creation templates with the new infoboxes and page structures.
  • Review all templates for:
    • Correct and complete documentation:
      • Using a seperate /doc page.
      • Using the documentation templates we have already
      • All parameters are correctly documented
      • Complete examples for each game included.
    • Ease of use (How easy is the template to use.
    • Ease of readability (How easy it is for a human to read. Add comments to help with understanding.)
    • Possible extensibility of current templates.
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD


Project members are listed below. To join, please add your name to the bottom.