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This is the home page of a Fallout Wiki project. A project is a collaboration of editors improving articles and other content related to a particular subject. For more information, see Fallout Wiki:Projects.

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Suggested Merge Central is a project that aims to bring forward and make editors aware of merge suggestions.

Current suggested merges

Name of article Merging to Reason listed Date Resolved
Primary statistic Derived statistic skill perk trait SPECIAL It should all be one page. SPECIAL is what's used in-game to classify the character system. Also the other pages are pretty small. 19 Nov 2020
Build-A-Bot station Bot-Stop Recommend merging all Bot-Stop articles as well as move the Bot-Stop terminal entries out of the train station terminal entries. These all belong together. 16 Jul 2021

Completed merges

Name of article Merging to Reason listed Date Resolved
Abernathy Metro station Vernon East/Takoma Park Same image and cell name 2018 Jan 4 2020 July 5
Beds (Fallout 4) Bed (Fallout 4) Same information 5 Aug 2020 5 Aug 2020
Broadway Broadway Cinema Same location 2020 Aug 18 2020 Aug 18
Burdette Manor The Kill Box Same location since Wastelanders 2020 Jun 2 2020 July 7
C.I.T. rotunda C.I.T. ruins Duplicate information 2020 July 12 2020 Aug 5
City Game specific location pages Duplicate information 2020 May 11 2020 July 7
Crater watchstation worksite Crater watchstation None given 2020 May 11 2020 July 5
Cryonics Cryoscience Duplicate information 27 Aug 2020 12 Oct 2020
Destruction of Tel Aviv Israel redundant with Israel page 6 Mar 2021 26 May 2021
Elevator (Fallout 4) Elevator (Contraptions Workshop) Two pages for elevators in the same game None 24 July 2020
Food packaging factory Sunshine Meadows industrial farm Workshop location with proper name 7 Aug 2020 8 Aug 2020
Food and water production Agriculture Duplicate information 2020 May 11 2020 July 6
Great Blackout Great War Never mentioned, not an event in and of itself 2019 Nov 2 2020 July 31
Grizzly bear Bear (creature) Grizzly bear unlikely to be included in finalized V96 19 Nov 2020 15 Dec 2020
HELIOS Solar HELIOS One Duplicate information 2020 16 June 2020 Aug 5
Vegetation Agriculture Duplicate information 2020 May 11 2020 July 6
Fort Strong armory Fort Strong See Forum:Fort Strong And Fort Strong Armory 2018 Feb 19 2020 July 8
Midwest Great Midwest Commonwealth Duplicate information 2020 2 July 2020 20 July
Armory National Guard training yard Buildings within the training yard complex None 2020 11 July
Nuclear powers Divergence Duplicate information 2020 May 11 2020 Jun 29
Nuka-Cola Quantum paint job Quantum X-01 power armor Only exists on one armor, cannot be replicated 2019 Jun 16 2020 July 7
Paul Revere Monument Old North Church No cell id, ref id is same as Old North Church 2015 Dec 14 2020 July 7
Police car (Fallout 76) Corvega Atomic V-8 Same vehicle None 11 July 2020
Red Scare theme Red Viper theme same texture, make both search results lead to the Red Viper page 19 Nov 2020 6 Mar 2021
Resourcing Fallout 4 settlements Duplicate information 5 Aug 2020 5 Aug 2020
Slocum Joe's basement Slocum's Joe (Fallout 4) Part of Slocum's Joe 1 Feb 2018 29 Jun 2020
Raider waster eyepiece Raider waster outfit Sold as outfit or bundle 23 Sep 2020 23 Sep 2020
Survival Syringe Survival syringe Duplicate item 23 Sep 2020 23 Sep 2020
Blood Raider Blood Eagle Duplicate 23 Sep 2020 23 Sep 2020
Black matte paint Clandestine service paint Duplicate item 23 Sep 2020 23 Sep 2020
Sympto-Matic (Fallout 76) Sympto-Matic Majority of information already present in parent article 15 Sep 2020 19 Sep 2020
Monongah power plant yard Monongah power plant Duplicate information 9 Oct 2020 9 Oct 2020
Anti-personnel mine Land mine Duplicates 5 Oct 2020 19 Nov 2020
Vault blast door Vault door Duplicate information 6 Mar 2021 6 Mar 2021
T-45d power armor T-45 power armor unnecessary split; Fallout 4 modding system shows theres no real difference between T45a-f 19 Nov 2020 27 May 21
Scoreboard Fallout 76 seasons should have been a redirect 6 Mar 2021 16 July 2021
A-31 Defense Intelligence Agency too minor to justify a standalone page 6 Mar 2021 16 July 2021
B-19 Defense Intelligence Agency too minor to justify a standalone page 6 Mar 2021 16 July 2021
Hardened power armor Power armor (Fallout) merge the statistical upgrade 6 Mar 2021 16 July 2021
Super mutant (Fallout) Super mutant lore and unrelated not-FO1/2 info to main page 6 Mar 2021 16 July 2021
Roy Barnes Barnes (Fallout 76) Same character 16 July 2021 16 July 2021
Camo ops outfit Tactical ops outfit Variant 16 July 2021 16 July 2021
Demonstration vault Vault Duplicate information 16 July 2021 16 July 2021
Fallout Bible reference guide by subject‎ Forum:Referencing - Changing the way we do things (IMPORTANT)‎‎ Reference policy has changed as of 2021 16 July 2021 16 July 2021
Sheepsquatch Assaultron head Imposter Assaultron head Duplicate 16 July 2021 16 July 2021
Stars and Stripes ops outfit Tactical ops outfit Variant 16 July 2021 16 July 2021
Fallout 76 primary statistics Fallout 76 SPECIAL None 19 Nov 2020 24 Jul 2021
Bible Christianity The Bible page simply transcludes mentions from the Christianity page and offers little other information that warrants separation 20 Jul 2021 3 Aug 2021
Absolute Zero, Commissioner Chaos, The Quebec Claw, The Juke-Bots, Mister Shivers Yukon Five they don't have much information 16 Jul 2021 8 Aug 2021
Powering Up Monongah, Powering Up Poseidon, Powering Up Thunder Mountain Powering Up (Fallout 76) the same event, in different spots 6 Mar 2021 14 Sep 2021


This project will be ongoing with a small scope, limited to articles in which editors believe merging will make the wiki as a whole more succinct, as seen in Category:Merge. The impetus of the project is based on several pages that have been suggested and discussed but remain unchanged.

  • A convenient centralized place to making editors aware of articles that have been suggested for merge and the progress as such without seeking out the special category and each individual page within.
  • Cleaning up in limbo articles that have been proposed, discussed in a talk page, on Discord or elsewhere, but not acted upon in any direction, whether to facilitate the merge, remove duplicate information to individualize the articles, or to remove the merge tags.
  • A organized way to help ensure future suggested articles do not fall into the same "merge purgatory," or mergeatory if you will, that could be confusing to future editors and make the wiki articles look untidy.


Ideally, as one would normally add the {{merge}} tag to an article and move to discuss such an action on the talk page or by way of a forum, the proposed merge would also be added to the project. This project does not intend to divert or change this process. It is best to engage in these conversations on the respective talk pages or through forums so that we have a record of what was discussed and decided. This project aims to be a resource for seeing the overall picture of all suggestions summarized in one place. Merging will follow the rules outlined in the editing guideline policy.

Note: Those who wish to contribute to the discussion on merges and subsequent editing do not have to be a part of the project. Expectations of project members will be minimal, centered around checking the merge category for new additions or adding or removing them from the table as needed.


To participate, kindly add your username below: