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The Sound project is a project to record quotes/weapons/consumable/apparel/etc. sounds and add them to the article in question.

Project goals

The goal is to add the sounds to pages of quotes, weapons, apparel, consumables, notes, etc. For notes & quotes, record the quote or transcript of the note. For weapons, add all the sounds the weapon makes. For apparel, add the sound the clothing makes when being equipped and unequipped, and when hit. For consumables, add the sounds it makes when used. Do the same for anything else you can think of adding sounds to.

Each type of sounds have its own way to be added on article, please check the regulations for the type of sound you want to add.


  • Sounds must be of good quality and in ".ogg" format.
  • Sounds uploaded to articles must be related to the object in question.
  • Sounds should be categorized as any other files, used the categories already in place, and creates if it doesn't exist.


Putting only memorable quotes is the right approach because just one character have many sounds (more than 400 for Joshua Graham for example) that would be impossible to put all and would not really favorable for Fallout Wiki.

  • Those of Fallout and Fallout 2 should contain the "talking head", and 9 is the maximum for them to be (more only in exceptional cases, like Vault 13 overseer). Ask a Project Leader if you ever think you are on a particular case.
  • Other games can contain much more and don't need a "talking head". 11-12 quotes seems to be good.


*''"TEXT OF THE QUOTE."'' [[File:NAME OF SOUND.ogg|noicon]]


Weapons (especially in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics) contain countless sound (10mm SMG of Fallout and Fallout 2 contains at least 6-7 shooting sound - normal shot, bad shot on a rock, bad shot on a wall, bad shot on metal etc.) so it's for now (for a start) better of putting one's shooting sound (the principal) for each weapon, which will prevent its for having many not necessarily useful sound.

  • Vault Boy are here to indicate what kind of weapons sound it is (single shot, burst shot etc.)


To add a weapons sound, write:

|"Image of Fallout Wiki Boy"
|"Name of the sound file"


To participate, simply add your name below using {{userlink|your user name}}. Place every participant on a new line.


The following is the list of pages that are actively being worked on, need someone to work on them, waiting confirmation for completion, or completed. If you wish to work on a particular aspect (say, history, tech level or organization), then add your username (via ~~~) along with what you chose to cover after the faction's name.

Active Pages

The following articles are within the scope of this project. If you would like to work on a page list it here. If it is already listed add your name to the list of current revisors. When taking on a page that is not within the scope of the project please add the FFOP tag to the top of the page.

Needs Confirmed

The following articles are within the scope of FFOP and have been taken on by a user. Once you have take on an article and feel it is complete move it here and list the names of those to receive credit.


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