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General guidelines

  • Terminal references should include the terminal's main page name followed by a semicolon (;). Next, the reference should include the terminal name itself and the name of the specific entry, separated by a comma.
  • Terminal entries should link directly to the entry being referenced. This can be achieved by appending a pound symbol (#) and the entry's name to the link of the main terminal page.
Product Code
Terminal location article; Terminal name, Terminal entry name
<ref>[[Terminal location article#Terminal entry name|Terminal location article; Terminal name, Terminal entry name]]</ref>
Fort Independence terminal entries; research terminal, Critical Components
<ref>[[Fort Independence terminal entries#Critical Components|Fort Independence terminal entries; research terminal, Critical Components]]</ref>


Image references should always link to an image and have some amount of description or context.

Product Code
Short description of image
<ref>[[:File:ImageName.png|Short description of image]]</ref>
Delta XI Rocket in Fallout 3
<ref>[[:File:Fo3 Delta XI Rocket.png|Delta XI Rocket in ''Fallout 3'']]</ref>
Flag depiction on dynamite
<ref>[[:File:Dynamite50starflag.jpg|Flag depiction on dynamite]]</ref>

Policy vote forum overview
GuidelineReference formatting guideline
Proposal discussionDraft: Reference guidelines
Proposal voteVote: Basic reference formatting guidelines
Date and result8 December 2020 · 14-1-1
Amendment 1Developer statements · Discussion · Vote · 10 November 2021 · 12-0-0
Amendment 2Publications and dialogue · Discussion · Vote · 10 February 2022 · 11-1-0
Amendment 3External links · Discussion · Vote · 22 March 2022 · 10-0-0
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