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Sections of the reference format policy are organized below by type.

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If references are included in an article, the correct template must be used so that they are visible. The reference subheader is situated at the end of each article, before categories and navboxes. Do not use the {{RT}} template which has been depreciated.

End of the article
Instructions Code
If there are only canon references in an article, the following is placed at the very bottom:

If there are non canon references also, the following must be added:
Reference box format
Instructions Code Instructions Code
Another option is to place all references in a scrolling reference box.
{{ref box}}
To use the reference box with non-canon sources.
{{ref box|Non-canоn}}

Policy vote forum overview
GuidelineReference formatting guideline
Proposal discussionDraft: Reference guidelines
Proposal voteVote: Basic reference formatting guidelines
Date and result8 December 2020 · 14-1-1
Amendment 1Developer statements · Discussion · Vote · 10 November 2021 · 12-0-0
Amendment 2Publications and dialogue · Discussion · Vote · 10 February 2022 · 11-1-0
Amendment 3External links · Discussion · Vote · 22 March 2022 · 10-0-0
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