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Fallout Wiki Quests Project is a project which aims to bring all quests featured on this Wiki up to a consistent level. This will make it easier to navigate and understand any Quests.


All articles in: Category:Quests



All Quest pages should include:

  • Where the quest starts.
  • Who/what starts the quest
  • Whether the quest is a main, side or unmarked quest and whether it is repeatable or not
  • A walkthrough for the quest.
  • A section on the rewards for completeing the quest, in any method.

Additional things that belong on quest pages, but are not needed:

  • A section on bugs SPECIFIC TO THE QUEST.
  • If the quest goes anywhere new or where they are not allowed to re-enter, what items or characters are found there, i.e Mobile Base Crawler.
  • A 'Behind the Scenes' section.
  • A photo, if they are avaliable.
  • What acheivements/trophies are acquired (if any).


Standard layout
Section headline required? Content
Yes Infobox and games template.
Opening Paragraph Yes Small paragraph which contains the following bits of information:

  • Where the quest is found (Craterside Supplies, Vault 112, Little Lamplight etc.)
  • Whether the quest is a story quest, side quest or unmarked quest.
  • Who starts the quest (Moira brown, Moriarty, Catherine etc.)
  • A brief descritption on what the quest will include (Travelling to Arefu to deliver a note, getting irradiated, collecting pre-war books etc.)
Background No If there's any background story/history for the quest.
Walkthrough Yes The long walkthrough goes here. Quick walkthroughs a possibility?
Rewards Yes The loots you get for completeing the quest, including Experience on Normal difficulty with no modifiers.
Related quests No If there are quests which start or take place with this quest, list them here (just link them, no need to go into detail).
Notes No For interesting things about the quest which do not fit into the other categories. Try to keep this section to a minimum.
Appearances Yes Which games this quest appears in. For FO3, this is usually only Fallout 3.
Behind the scenes No For out-of-game references and similar content.
Bugs No For bugs which are exclusively related to the quest itself. Eg, how collecting the Winter T-51b completes You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head.
Gallery No Cluttering the article with too many images should be avoided. Instead, place them in a gallery at the end if applicable.
References No If a <ref> tag has been used in the article, {{references}} needs to be inserted here. This section is ONLY for this purpose.
Navboxes Yes Navboxes go at the end of the article.


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