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Nukapedia's policies and guidelines aim to provide a comprehensible framework of "do's," "don'ts" and best practices for editors at this wiki.

  • Policies set general rules for the wiki's administration and its content. Their goal is to establish basic criteria for all content and rules for using administrative tools.
  • Guidelines describe desired etiquette and common practice in the creation, editing and organization of articles on this wiki. Their goal is to make the wiki easier to use for both editors and readers alike and to make its appearance more consistent and streamlined.

In the event of an apparent conflict between any of the rules, the more specific rule will dominate over the more general rule.

Nukapedia Policies

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User conduct guideline
Expectations of behavior for community members
Discord guidelines
Discussions forum guidelines

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Editing guideline
Guidelines regarding format requirements of articles
Reference formatting guideline
Developer statement references
Dialogue references
Holotape and note references
Publication references
Terminal and image references

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Article layout guideline
Order sections appear depending on article type
Character articles
Creature articles
Item articles
Location articles
Quest articles

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Content Policy
Guidelines concerning the subject matter of articles
Bug Policy
Canon guideline
Content organization guideline
Image policy
Notable loot policy
Video policy

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Administration Policy
Staff moderation, block appeals, and expectations
Administration conduct policy
Block review policy
Rights holder activity policy

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Voting Regulations
Eligibility, procedure, and circumstances regarding votes
User rights requests

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Other Resources
Supporting a welcoming environment for all
Fandom help pages
LGBTQIA+ resources