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This is a guide for patrollers at Nukapedia. A patroller is a user rights role that is granted by administrators to users that have displayed a clear understanding of guidelines over a period of time. The following will outline the new tools and responsibilities of patrollers.

Patroller 101

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Patrollers are important members of the staff, helping to ensure the integrity of the information presented to users. Beyond basic editing tools, patrollers put the finishing touches on articles and review the edits of others to ensure accuracy and adherence to policy. This role grants access to additional technical features that will aid in article maintenance and are a reflection of becoming a trusted member of the community.


The recent changes page is the hub of all changes that occur on Nukapedia. You will notice red exclamation marks, these note what edits have not been reviewed yet. Edits that other special rights holders (other patrollers, moderators, administrators, and bureaucrats) make do not have the exclamation point, but can be reviewed at one's discretion. You will see alongside the exclamation points a bolded "m" which means it is a minor edit.

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The numbers (green for additions and red for subtractions) give an idea of how large the change was to any given article. Remember that you don't have to feel any pressure to patrol every change, just those you are comfortable with. Especially because the more patrolling you engage in, the more experience you will gain, boosting your confidence naturally.

Tools and options

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If you click on "diff" you can see a side-by-side comparison of the article before and after the edit. The "hist" option will show the complete edit history of the article. Options for contacting users and seeing their previous contributions can be seen to the right. Clicking on "diff" leads to the following screen. Your options here include ways to change or accept the edit. Clicking "edit" will lead to a normal edit layout.


The "rollback" option immediately reverts back to the previous version without the option to leave an edit summary, used primarily for acts of vandalism. Please read FDekker's guide to Reverting Responsibly for more information on the topic.

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The preferred version is "undo" which will revert the edit, but allow the option to add an edit summary before "undo revision by" in the edit summary box. Always explain reverts in a polite way, as this is an important teaching moment for those who may not be familiar with editing or our policies.

Handling vandalism

Although patrollers cannot yet protect pages or delete them, they can be one of the first to identify spam or vandalism. If this occurs, utilize the stopgap of completely clearing a page, and replacing the contents with nominate for deletion template, {{delete|reason for deletion}}, before reaching out to an admin or content moderator for assistance in handling the next steps.


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The most important part of this entire process is selecting "mark as patrolled" which is required no matter what decision you come to. This communicates with the rest of the group that it has already been reviewed so that we are not duplicating efforts. You can find the option to mark as patrolled at the top seen above under tools and options and bottom of the page. New pages can only be patrolled via the bottom of the page option. Sandbox edits of other users do not need to be patrolled. User and talk pages should still be patrolled to ensure all policies are being followed, or to keep an eye on possible issues that may arise.


That being said, if there are ever issues or assistance needed, the rest of the staff members are here to support you. Feel free to ping us on the Nukapedia Discord server or write us messages on our talk pages at any time. You will receive access to the #security-desk Discord channel, and if not, let one of us know so we can set it up. In addition to the general channel (#the-editorial-ballpit), this channel can be used to discuss issues or questions with other rights users only and can be used if something requires swift action, such as if someone needs help protecting an article from vandalism.

Remember to communicate and always assume good faith, or in other words, always assume that someone is trying to help, but may not know how best to do so. We were all new at one point or another. You can review the policies anytime, including the resources below. The time and effort each staff member dedicates to Nukapedia are appreciated and valued, and we thankful and excited to have you on the team. Welcome!