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In order to keep articles about locations useful for readers, only notable loot is to be listed, i.e. items that are of special interest. In order to be considered notable, they must fit into at least one of the categories below:

  • Uniqueness or rarity
  • High monetary value
  • Used in repeatable quests and found in substantial amounts
  • Oversized or undersized variants of otherwise non-notable items
  • Notably high amounts of otherwise non-notable items
  • Holodisks and notes

One-of-a-kind items are always notable. This includes unique weapons, armor, and notes. Items with a finite quantity (i.e., not found in shops, random loot, etc) are also considered notable.


Fallout 3

Special items:

Rare/unique armor and clothing:

Rare and unique weapons:

Ammunition and miscellaneous items:


Repeatable quest items:

Holotapes and paper notes, for example:

Unusually large quantity or unusual size:

Fallout: New Vegas

Special items:

Rare/unique armor and clothing, such as:

Rare and unique weapons, for instance:

Rare and valuable ammunition and miscellaneous items such as:


Holotapes and paper notes, for example:

Unusually large quantity of otherwise non-notable items. for example:

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