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The Nukapedia NewsSquad is an elite group of users (okay, maybe not elite) with the responsibility for generating the Nukapedia News Digest.


  1. Admission to the Nukapedia NewsSquad is by invitation only.
  2. Invitations can be requested from a NewsSquad Member. If a consensus of NewsSquad members agree that an invitation should be extended, the Editor In Chief should, unless another provision applies, extend an invitation to join.
  3. Invitations may be extended on a similar basis to point 2, without a request being made.
  4. Invitations are only to be extended where the user has a longstanding relationship with the wiki, and has a reasonable editing history.
  5. Regardless of the above the Editor In Chief shall have the right to refuse an invitation if they feel that the person is unsuitable due to one or more of the following reasons:
  • Poor record of behaviour (including bans and warnings)
  • a conflict of interest with duties and associations elsewhere - including but not limited to roles on other sites and employment.
  • Admitting the person is not in the best interests of the News Squad, or is likely to cause/exacerbate user conflict issues.

Non contribution for 6 consecutive weeks in any form will (unless there is a prior agreement) lead to suspension of the news team. Suspended members do not count for consensus building, but may become active again when the EIC is satisfied they are actively participating.

Except by prior arrangement, non contribution for 12 weeks shall result in expulsion from the News Squad. Unless the EIC is satisfied there is an exceptional case of good cause, expulsion can only be rectified if the news squad choose to extend a new invitation via the normal process.

Editor In Chief

  1. The Editor In Chief (EIC) has primary responsibility to publish the news blog.
  2. The EIC shall continue to hold office for as long as they have confidence of the NewsSquad.


  1. NewsSquad Members should aim, wherever possible, to be in chat on Friday Evenings (London Time) to be able to discuss pulling the edition together.
  2. Decision making should mirror general wiki decision making process - the NewsSquad members should seek to make decisions via consensus. If this fails, a vote of members can be called (this should be in chat, and only those newssquad members in chat can vote - time issues prevent a more formal vote). In the event of a tie the person with responsibility for publishing this edition may cast a tie breaker vote, but this vote should be cast in line with Speaker Denison's Rule.
  3. The EIC should ordinarily publish the news from their blog space, unless the EIC has deputised another news squad member to do this, or if it is clear the EIC will not contributing this edition and hasn't deputised another to the position, the person taking responsibility for that edition should publish the blog.

Editorial Policy

  1. The News blog is not a rumour sheet. Where possible, all information should be verified and confirmed, with links to original sources, rather than secondary reports
  2. Secondary reports can be used when original reporting is impossible. For copyright reasons the entire article should NOT be posted, but select quotes and a summary of the article CAN be posted, along with a link to the item.
  3. Where a rumour has achieved critical mass in the press to the level it cannot be ignored, it may be reported on, as long as any report includes appropriate weasel language and objective reporting - including reasons why not to believe the rumour.
  4. In general, spoilers of a specific story nature should not be openly reported - the origin and nature of the leak should be mentioned with links to a further page (such as an article page). Alternatively a "tabber" can be used to hide the spoiler.
  5. Game features are not considered spoilers.
  6. The EIC may withhold publication of in the view of the EIC there is not enough news to warrant publication
  7. The EIC may bring forward publication if in the view of the EIC there is enough additional stories in addition to at least one breaking news item to warrant early publication.


  1. Our aimed publish time is 23:59 on Friday, London time.
  2. Articles should be added to the draft edition: Here


Please do not add yourself to this list without prior approval

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