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The MSG Wikification Drive is a project which aims to properly wikify all Fallout, Fallout 2 and Van Buren dialogue files.

Here's an example of a properly wikified page.


Milestones 1000 left 800 left 600 left 555 left (halfway there!) 400 left 200 left 100 left Done!
Done? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Game Finished?
Gametitle-FO1.png Yes
Gametitle-FO2.png Yes
Gametitle-VB.png Yes


To wikify all pages in the wikify category.

As of 15th September 2009 there are 0 such files. It took us just 33 days to complete the project!


  • Be sure to link as many relevant articles on the wiki as possible.
  • Be sure to link to each keyword once, on its first occurence. You can also sometimes link to it the second time, if another occurence is more relevant to the keyword than the first, and also in the tell-me-about keyword list. But don't overlink.
  • Make sure the links point to the article or a single redirect.
  • Some of the files have problems with encoding. Please fix them is possible. The most commonly broken characters are apostrophe (') and ellipsis (…).
  • Make sure that there is a link from the dialogue file to the character article and vice versa. The character infoboxes have a parameter called dialogue for linking to the dialogue file of said character.
  • Remove the wikify tag only when the wikification is complete.
  • While wikifying, it's also a good idea to see if the dialogue file has any bits of information that haven't been added to the relevant article yet and then add them.


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