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The Item page overhaul project is a project which aims to improve the quality and layout of articles about items in all Fallout games, particularly items that appear in more than one game.

After a lengthy discussion about the new policies, we are introducing new format for items (particularly weapons and armor) that can be found in multiple games. Previously, the generic name, like Laser rifle, functioned as a disambiguation page, while the stats for the same item for each game, if a given item was the same in-universe, were listed on the same page (e.g. Wattz 2000 laser rifle, with stats for both FO1/2 and for FOT).

In our new version, on the other hand, the generic title is an overview page, like at Laser pistol, and there are separate pages with game-specific info for each game an item of a given type appears in with different stats, regardless of whether it is the same item in-universe, or not. We think that this helps us avoid the pages being cluttered, while pages for each game are still not entirely disconnected from one another.


All pages in Category:Items and its subcategories, especially weapons and armor.


Game-specific item article

Item-specific layout items
Layout item Headline Required Explanation
Lead section No Yes Short summary that usually looks something like this:

"{{PAGENAME}} is a weapon in Fallout 3."
In general, it should contain:

  • Name of the item (and alternative names) in bold.
  • What type of item it is (weapon, armor, drug, consumable etc) with a link to the appropriate overview page for this item and game.
  • Which games this item appears in. For Fallout 76 add the update in which the item was introduced, such as X appears in {{in FO76}} or with update {{in FO76|WL}}.
Background Yes No If there is any background story/history for the item.
Characteristics Yes Yes Properties of this item. For drugs, these are the effects. For armor, these include damage resistance, effects and what other items they can be repaired with if any. For weapons, these include damage, special effects, what items they can be repaired with (if any) and general properties (such as what type of weapon it is etc).
Variants Yes No For weapons/armor; list of variants for this item. If the variants have own articles, these should only be linked to. If multiple variants of this item are described in the current article (on Fallout 3 armor pages, for example), a sub-section (with the name of the variant) should be made for each variant.
Locations Yes No Locations where this item can be found (fixed locations only, no random spawns).
Related quests Yes No If there are quests which are related to this item, list them here (just link them, no need to go into detail).
Notes Yes No For interesting things about the item which do not fit into the other categories. Try to keep this section to a minimum.

Overview article for multi-game items


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