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This page contains Nukapedia's image policy. It describes rules for images which are uploaded to the wiki.
  • Policies set general rules for the wiki's administration and its content.
  • Any registered editor is free to edit this page to improve its readability as long as the essence of the article remains unchanged.
  • If you would like to suggest content changes or propose a new policy or guideline, please use the wiki discussion forum.
  • See the policies and guidelines page for an overview of this wiki's policies and guidelines.


Images are subject to the general content criteria. In addition, there are some specific rules for this type of content outlined below.


Article images

  • Images should be of good quality.
  • Images should never include parts of the UI (HUD, crosshair) unless the point of the given image is to illustrate the UI itself.
  • Images should have a descriptive name in the format [Game abbreviation][Content of image][Detail] such as FO76 Foundation signage.png.
  • Fallout 76 images should be taken in a professional pose (idle), not when emoting.
  • Files should be uploaded in the highest possible resolution.

Music players

Music players placed on articles and user talk pages (YouTube player, etc.) should not be set to automatic play upon page load. Autoplay is unregulated on your user page.

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