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An interwiki link is a link to another community, most often found within the body of an article. It can be to another Fandom community or any of the interwiki language sites. To type an interwiki link, one must be using source editor. Be aware that the link won't work in the preview section.

Linking to another Fandom community

  • To create an interwiki link from one Fandom community to another, use the format [[w:c:wiki-name:pagename]]. For instance, if you wanted to link to the characters article on the Fallout: New California wiki, you would use [[w:c:new-california:characters]].
  • To modify the displayed text, add a "|" after the link, followed by the desired text. For example, [[w:c:new-california:characters|test]] would appear as test.
  • Non-English communities often use language code prefixes. Link to a page on a German community by putting de. before the domain name: [[w:c:de.wiki-name:Page Name]]. It's important to use the name of the page in the target language.
  • Interwiki prefixes are case-insensitive.

Linking to Wikipedia

Using the following syntax, one can link to Wikipedia articles. Keep in mind for gameplay articles (not meta articles such as voice actors or music), Nukapedia allows for Wikipedia links only in the behind the scenes section.

  • [[wikipedia:article name|article name]]

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