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The Fallout Wiki is a community of volunteer collaborators such as yourself that work to provide reliable, accurate, and comprehensive documentation of the Fallout series as well as its media and production. The Nukapedia Survival Guide will help teach you everything you need to know to get started. Our goal is to provide a source of information that our readers can trust and one that is written with encyclopedia-level quality.

We rely on fans like you to help us cover the vast amount of information that needs to be documented! After over seventeen years of existence there are 46,290 articles on the wiki, thanks to hundreds of editors - but there's always things to do, articles to clean up, commas to add, and bad content ejected. Every little bit helps!

If you're worried about contribution, remeber that every admin started somewhere, without writing or coding experience, and have learned everything they know from this community, and you can too! Welcome!

Help topics[]

The Fallout Wiki is hosted by Fandom, and many aspects of editing are the same across wikis. The following table links to relevant Help topics on general purpose editing.

Specific topics[]

Gamebryo and Creation Kit
Vault Academy
Vault Academy Programs General editing · Advanced editing · Technical editing · Chat moderation
Nukapedia Survival Guide Welcome hub · Editing a page · Customizing my interface