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The Fallout Wiki is a community of volunteer collaborators such as yourself that work to provide reliable, accurate, and comprehensive documentation of the Fallout series as well as its media and production. The Nukapedia Survival Guide will help teach you everything you need to know to get started. Our goal is to provide a source of information that our readers can trust and one that is written with encyclopedia-level quality.

We rely on fans like you to help us cover the vast amount of information that needs to be documented, and while we currently have a solid team of editors working on the wiki, there are 41,990 articles in total, a great deal of these that need to be reviewed, cleaned up, and many more that need to be created. The more people who help out, the more efficient we will be. If you are worried about qualifications, just know that the vast majority of Nukapedians started with little to no writing or coding experience, and have learned everything they know from this community, and you can too! Welcome!

Help topics

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Specific topics

Vault Academy
Vault Academy Programs General editing · Advanced editing · Technical editing · Chat moderation
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