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The Game Renders 3 NV 4 76 is a project that aims to add renders to all pages that need them. Such as vehicle overviews, for Fallout: New Vegas vehicles or Fallout 76 vehicles as examples.


For a while pages and overview pages have been missing renders, which are key to keeping the wiki clutter free, as they are transparent PNGs. With the wiki getting renders it would clean it up.


If you find a render, put it on the wiki and the page it needs it on.



  • Check = Complete
  • No = Not applicable
  • Empty = Not done


Page Is it complete? Notes
Fallout 76 vehicles Check None
Fallout 4 vehicles No Missing 6+ Renders
Fallout: New Vegas vehicles Check Missing Dragline, Excavator (may be precombined)
Fallout 3 vehicles Check None

Page Is it complete? Notes


Page Is it complete? Notes
Fallout vehicles Check Missing 1
Fallout 2 vehicles No Not Started
Fallout Tactics vehicles No Not Started
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel vehicles No Not Started
Van Buren vehicles No Not Started

Page Is it complete? Notes